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The Benefits of Buying Used Shelving

December 6, 2013

Many people are obviously hesitant when considering purchasing used shelving for their warehouse facility. This is very reasonable because not all used industrial warehouse equipment is treated the same. Some used equipment dealers store their inventory outdoors, leaving it exposed to the elements to develop rust and other wear. This can compromise the overall structural integrity of the used shelving or any used industrial supplies.

American Surplus Inc. is located in East Providence, RI, and our entire inventory is stored inside of our 530,000 square foot facility. This ensures that our inventory is not compromised by the elements, which ensures you receive top quality material handling equipment. We have thousands of bays of used shelving in stock to accommodate your specific facility.

Buying used shelving is also more cost effective than buying new. With ASI you can be assured that you are not jeopardizing your merchandise when buying used. A used shelving failure is extremely hazardous and costly, so it is very important to know and trust the people from whom you are purchasing used equipment.

The biggest and usually only difference between used and new shelving is surface wear. Does industrial shelving that is in your warehouse facility need to look brand new, or can you afford to look at a few scratches? These superficial wear marks are from normal use, and they do not compromise structural integrity or safety.

There are certain instances where new shelving is required instead of used, like if you are using it in the front end of a retail store. Do not hesitate to call ASI; we have new shelving as well at very competitive prices. If you do require new, make sure you plan ahead. New shelving or any new industrial equipment requires longer lead times. While in many cases used shelving is ready to go once it is packaged and shipped, new shelving can require production lead times as well. Large material handling supply companies do not usually have everything you are looking for in stock and ready to ship, or at least not the exact quantities and specifications you require.

Because we have such a large inventory of used shelving, we usually have exactly what you are looking for in stock already, and little work is required to prepare it for shipment. If we do not, we will try to work with you to find out if we have anything else in stock that would accommodate your needs. We will also put you on a waiting list, and will notify you if that size or style of shelving comes in.

Remember, do not buy used from just anyone! Just like some used car salesmen, used material handling dealers are not always completely honest about the quality of their product. American Surplus cleans and inspects all of their used shelving prior to packaging and shipment, so you can be sure you receive product with which you are fully satisfied. You will receive pictures of the exact product you are looking to purchase. Please do not hesitate to give us a call; our sales team will help you with any portion of your project from start to finish, and even after the job is done.