Used Shelf Supported Mezzanines

Shelf supported mezzanines systems are a cost-effective approach to expand storage in places with restricted space. Shelf supported mezzanines can be integrated into your existing steel shelving structure. These mezzanines can be personalized depending on your warehouse's storage needs, shelf sizes, types of shelving (open or closed), and number of bays. Additional bays, shelf bins, or drawers can be added, and each shelf supported mezzanine can be designed to make the shelving accessible from all sides. This will help to improve the flow of your warehouse. Using major manufacturer shelving brands like Republic, Tri-Boro and Penco. American Surplus can offer design and installation of used shelving mezzanines, by trained professionals.

Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine
Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine
  • For parts picking operations
  • Ideal for: Auto parts &  more
  • Countless configurations
Used Shelving Supported Mezzanine
Used Shelving Supported Mezzanine
  • CAD drawings, site visits
  • Plenty of inventory to choose
  • 40-60% off retail prices

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There are many benefits to installing a shelf supported mezzanine in your warehouse or storage/distribution facility. Shelving supported mezzanines allow you to increase overall storage for your warehouse by making use of existing vertical space. These cost-effective mezzanines cause minimal disruption to your operations since they are quick and easy to install.

Know that you can customize the overall design of your shelf supported mezzanine to your specific warehouse needs. Shelf supported mezzanines are great for creating ideal space for storage, offices, or surveillance. If that wasn’t enough to convince you on why shelf supported mezzanines may be the best solution for you, consider this mezzanine will allow you to stay at your current location without relocating due to the need of more storage. Let American Surplus help you take your business to the next level.

About Shelf Supported Mezzanine

Shelf supported mezzanine systems are an effective way to create extra storage area using boltless shelving components. The additional components that would be required include deckingstairs, and railings for protection against falls. Multi-level storage systems, such as a used shelving supported mezzanine, take advantage of the height of your building, utilizing the extra space for additional inventory to be kept.

Typically, with this style of mezzanine, uprights are not necessarily needed to support the structure. The floor is secured to the shelving or pallet rack uprights, which eliminate the need for free standing columns. Additional structural columns can be added if the mezzanine will be supporting a large amount of heavy inventory.

Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine benefits include: cost effectively combine storage with your mezzanine structure, custom designed to your specific shelving needs, doubles the amount of storage space when compared to single level storage systems. In addition, there is a tax benefit to purchasing used mezzanines because they are considered equipment and not property, and therefore do not increase your taxable square footage.

Should you consider buying used? We think so. And if you like saving money, you may want to consider it too. Buying used industrial equipment is not risky when buying from ASI. We test, clean, and inspect all equipment prior to shipment. This ensures that our customers receive a top quality used product that will provide a solution to any material handling problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Shelf Supported Mezzanine

Q: Is used shelf supported mezzanine safe?
A: Of course! Every used shelf supported mezzanine we sell receives a full inspection and cleaning prior to shipping. This ensures that every used mezzanine we sell is like-new.

Q: What types of used mezzanine flooring does ASI sell?
A: We stock a full range of used mezzanine flooring options suitable for all applications. Whether you are looking for closed flooring such as resin deck and wood over corrugated decking, or open flooring like bar grating and open steel decking.

Q: Can I add a used mezzanine to my existing shelving?
A: Yes! We can build the mezzanine to your exact needs. Our team will even provide you with a CAD drawing to show how the mezzanine will fit into your existing storage operation.

Q: What if I do not currently have a shelving system in my facility?
A: Not a problem. We stock a wide range of general purpose used shelving systems, including rivet rack and steel shelving. We also carry shelving for specific applications, such as record storage shelving.