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Used Mezzanine Flooring


Used Mezzanine Flooring for Sale

  • Cost effective means of adding additional floor space in a warehouse when combined with mezzanine structures.
  • Improves storage opportunities in areas that come up short on space.
  • Wide selection of used mezzanine flooring available, including resin decking, plywood decking, open steel decking, and diamond plate flooring.
  • Prices are 40-60% off retail prices.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used mezzanine flooring: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Open Steel Decking
Used Open Steel Decking
  • 1-Piece construction
  • Easy to cut and handle
  • Multiple material options
Used Resin Deck
Used Resin Deck
  • Installed over steel deck
  • Can handle pallet jacks
  • Easy to clean surface
Used Steel Bar Grating
Used Steel Bar Grating
  • Strong, Durable steel
  • Allows for ventilation
  • 1" x 4" standard
Used Wood Over B Decking
Used Wood Over B Decking
  • 3/4" T&G
  • Installed over corrugated
  • Economical solution

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Are you moving or liquidating your facility and looking to sell your used mezzanine material? American Surplus Inc. can help! Learn more about our mezzanine purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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About Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a versatile and cost-effective solution for maximizing usable space within a facility. Mezzanine flooring refers to an elevated platform or level that is typically constructed above the ground floor of a building, providing additional floor space without the need for major structural changes or expansions. Mezzanines can be constructed from a variety of materials, including steel, wood, or composite materials, and are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, and other industrial and commercial environments.

One of the key advantages of mezzanine flooring is its ability to optimize vertical space. By utilizing the height of a building, mezzanines can create additional floor space without consuming valuable floor space on the ground level. This makes mezzanines an efficient solution for increasing storage capacity, creating additional workspaces, or accommodating new processes or functions within a facility.

Mezzanine flooring is highly customizable and can be designed to meet specific requirements, including load capacity, height, size, and configuration. Mezzanines can be engineered to support heavy loads, such as palletized goods or heavy machinery, making them suitable for storing heavy items or supporting production processes.

Mezzanine flooring is a flexible, customizable, and cost-effective solution for optimizing space in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial or industrial environments. It provides additional floor space without the need for major structural changes and can be designed to meet specific requirements in terms of load capacity, safety, and aesthetics. Mezzanines are a practical choice for businesses looking to increase storage capacity, create additional workspaces, or accommodate new functions within their facilities.

Mezzanine flooring options are typically dependent on how you will be utilizing your mezzanine -- i.e. will it house racking, shelving, loaded pallets stacked on floor, loaded pallets moved into position using floor rails, process equipment such as tanks or compressors, etc? At ASI we offer various types of flooring to fit all mezzanine applications.

We carry several closed flooring options such as plywood over corrugated steel and resin deck. Our inventory also includes open flooring options as well, including used bar grating.

Our experienced sales team is here to help you choose the used mezzanine flooring that is right for you. Call (800)876-3736 today to get a free quote, and request a no charge CAD drawing to assist you in planning your project.

Mezzanine Flooring Manufacturers

  • ResinDek
  • Hi-Level Mezzanines
  • Wildeck Inc.
  • Cogan
  • Redirack

Other Names for Mezzanine Flooring

  • Mezzanine deck
  • Mezzanine platform
  • Raised floor
  • Elevated platform
  • Upper level flooring
  • Raised work platform
  • Loft flooring

Advantage of Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring offers some advantages, making it a popular solution for maximizing space in industrial and commercial facilities. Some of the key advantages of mezzanine flooring include:

  • Increased usable space: Mezzanine flooring creates additional space and increase storage capacity, create additional workspaces, or accommodate new processes or functions within their facilities.
  • Customization options: Mezzanines flooring can be engineered to support heavy loads, such as palletized goods or heavy machinery, and can be designed with safety features, such as handrails, staircases, and pallet gates, to ensure safe access and operation.
  • Flexibility: Mezzanine flooring is flexible and can be easily relocated or reconfigured to adapt to changing needs or future expansions. This allows businesses to adjust their space utilization as their requirements change over time.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Mezzanines can be designed with various finishes, colors, and styles to match the overall look and feel of the building, creating a professional and visually appealing appearance. They can also be used to create multi-level offices, showrooms, or display areas, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the facility.

Mezzanine Flooring Applications

Mezzanine flooring has a wide range of applications in various industries and commercial settings. Some common applications of mezzanine flooring include:

  • Warehousing and Distribution: Mezzanine flooring is commonly used for mezzanines in warehouses and distribution centers to increase storage capacity and optimize space. They can be used to create additional levels for storing palletized goods, bulk items, or other inventory, allowing businesses to efficiently utilize vertical space and maximize their storage capacity.
  • Manufacturing and Production: Mezzanine flooring can be used for mezzanine platforms in manufacturing and production facilities to create additional workspaces, assembly areas, or production lines. They can provide elevated platforms for machinery, equipment, or production processes, helping to optimize workflow and improve operational efficiency.
  • Retail and Showrooms: Mezzanine flooring can be used for mezzanines in retail spaces or showrooms to create multi-level displays, offices, or customer areas. They can be designed with finishes and styles that match the overall aesthetic of the space, creating an attractive and functional environment for showcasing products or providing customer services.
  • Offices and Workspaces: Mezzanine flooring can be used on mezzanines to create additional office spaces, meeting rooms, or workstations within a facility. They can provide elevated platforms for office personnel, helping to optimize office layouts and create separate work areas without the need for major construction or renovations.
  • Recreation and Entertainment: Mezzanine flooring can be used for mezzanines in recreational facilities, such as gyms, sports complexes, or entertainment venues, to create elevated viewing areas, observation decks, or VIP sections. They can provide elevated platforms for spectators, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Mezzanine Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is used mezzanine flooring safe?
A: Of course! Every used mezzanine stairway we sell gets a full inspection and cleaning prior to shipping. This ensures that every used gate we sell is like-new.

Q: What types of used mezzanine flooring does ASI sell?
A: We stock a full range of used mezzanine flooring options. From closed flooring such as resin deck and wood over corrugated decking, to close flooring like bar grating and open steel decking.

Q: Does my mezzanine flooring require fire protection?
A: Whether or not your flooring needs fire protection depends on the material you use, as well as the application of your mezzanine.
You DO need fire protection if:

  • Your mezzanine will be used for anything other than storage
  • Your mezzanine takes up more than 50% of the building

You DON'T need fire protection if:
  • You have a sprinkler system on the underside of your mezzanine
  • You have an open-style mezzanine floor, which allows water to pass between levels


Q: Have any more questions about used mezzanine flooring?
A: If you have questions that still need to be answered, give us a call today at (800)876-3736 to speak with one of our sales representatives.

Q: What maintenance is required for mezzanine flooring?
A: Mezzanine flooring requires regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, and repair if necessary. It is important to follow maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer or installer.

Q: Can mezzanine flooring be relocated?
A: TYes, mezzanine flooring can be relocated if necessary. However, the relocation process can be complicated and may require modifications to the existing structure.

Q: How much does mezzanine flooring cost?
A: The cost of mezzanine flooring depends on various factors, including the size, design, and installation requirements. It is recommended to obtain quotes from several providers to compare costs.

Q: Can I return a baler purchase if I'm not satisfied?
A: Yes, please click here to view our terms and condition.