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Lift tables are an effective solution for lifting, transporting, and positioning loads. A scissor style mechanism is used to raise and lower supplies to the appropriate height. Lift tables are made of heavy-duty frames, and are available in manual, electric, or pneumatically controlled styles. Lift tables enhance the safety and reduces injuries to warehouse workers. These scissor lift tables are extremely easy to operate and helps to reduce worker fatigue. By improving the environment and amenities of workers businesses will see increased productivity. Its compact design makes it easy to store away when not in use. These industrial lift tables are constructed with a flat table surface so that the weight of items is evenly distributed. The capacity of ASI's lift tables range from 500 lbs. - 6,000 lbs. with a variety of platform sizes and heights. Very little maintenance is required. Lift table manufacturers include Presto, Bishamon, Wesco, Southworth, and Auto Equip.

Southworth Roll-On Level Loader
Southworth Roll-On Level Loader
  • Photo-Eye Toe Protection
  • Increase Productivity
  • Easily Adjust Height
  • Ships From Manufacturer
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Southworth ZLS Floor Height Lift Tables
Southworth ZLS Floor Height Lift Tables
  • Ideal for Warehouse Setting
  • Four Sided Access to Pallets
  • Variety of Loading Capacities
  • Ships From Manufacturer
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A lift table is a device that utilizes a scissor mechanism to raise product, pallet loads, etc. Applications for lift tables include pallet handling, vehicle loading, and positioning product to be worked on. Positioning product at the proper height to be worked on really helps reduce work related injuries because workers are no longer bending over or reaching up to work. There are many advantages of having lift tables in a warehouse. Some of these advantages include enhanced safety, lower injury to workers, portable, higher efficiency, compact design, easy to use, and equal weight distribution.

Lift tables are commonly powered using hydraulic cylinders that are pressurized via an electric pump. This actuates the scissor lifting mechanism, allowing the table to raise. There are also pneumatic lift tables, as well as hydraulic foot pumps for loads that are not very heavy. Manual lift tables are ideal for lighter loads, and we even stock manual lift table carts for added mobility, which makes for a great alternative to a battery stand for forklifts. American Surplus has a wide variety of lift tables in stock for all your material handling needs.

What can a lift table be used for?

  • Vehicle loading and docking operations
  • Mobility impaired access
  • Work positioning and ergonomic handling
  • Load positioning
  • Materials positioning in machine feeding applications
  • Pallet and roll cage handling
  • Furniture upholstery

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Advantages Of Lift Tables and Pallet Positioners

Lift Tables
Two of the most essential pieces of equipment in your warehouse are lift tables and a pallet positioner. These are highly useful tools for creating seamless productivity while providing a workspace for your employees that doesn’t cause damage. This is because these two pieces of equipment ensure that they’re not bending over to lift heavy boxes or pallets themselves. Instead, they take the burden of the lifting literally off their hands. Learn More