Used Conveyor Netting

used conveyor

While conveyor systems make life easier in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities they are not a completely perfect design. Handling products of various weights and sizes allows for plenty of room for error. By adding a feature like conveyor netting, not only will you improve safety, but you’ll also make sure your conveyor system can function quickly and efficiently without causing harm to equipment, inventory, or, most importantly, your employees. Falling items can cause lost time, decrease in productivity, money losses, and an increase warehouse injury. By reducing downtime and accidents you’ll be able to operate a more productive warehouse. Usually, conveyor netting is often seen with overhead or suspended conveyors, where objects may fall to the floor. Adding conveyor netting is a quick, inexpensive form of product control that will instantly increase safety along your conveyor system.

Used Conveyor Netting
Used Conveyor Netting
  • 1" x 1" Standard Pattern
  • Affordable safety solution
  • Protect employees, products

Available Combo Deals

Conveyor netting is a cost-effective alternative to conveyor guardrails. Made from a durable mesh material, panels of netting can be installed to catch any number of things that may fall from a conveyor system. Most netting only requires the addition of high-tensile wire to install.

Unlike guardrails which only prevent certain items from falling off of the conveyor line, netting not only catches stray inventory, but is also strong enough to catch any rollers or even sections of conveyor that may fall during use. Fallen items are easy to retrieve and easy to spot. While guardrails may prevent some items from escaping the conveyor system, the only way to be sure that you do not suffer any personal or product damage from falling items is with the addition of conveyor netting.

Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of conveyor netting available in various lengths and configurations. All used conveyor netting is inspected prior to shipping to ensure that there are no rips or tears to compromise the integrity of the mesh. American Surplus also has a large selection of other used conveyor accessories, power and gravity conveyor, and anything else you may need for your warehouse or material handling facility.