Used Conveyor Guard Rails

used conveyor guardrails

Safety is the most important thing in any warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, or material handling facility, and the more moving parts there are, the more opportunity there is for accidents to happen. One of the easiest things you can do to increase safety in your warehouse is add guardrails to any conveyor systems. Conveyor guardrails help to move products with ease from falling off conveyors and reduces the risk of employee injury. Conveyor Guards also help to keep employees away from moving components and pinch points on the conveyor system. Rails help with the transportation of bottom-heavy packages or slow-moving items around conveyor curves. They are an economical solution that require little to no maintenance. Conveyor rails are easy to clean and designed for long-lasting durability. Often these are used in industries like e-commerce, packaging, food production, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical just to name a few. Guardrails come in two styles: adjustable height or fixed (non-adjustable) angle. Used conveyor guardrails from American Surplus install quickly and easily and immediately reduce risk to your products and, most importantly, your employees.

Used Conveyor Guard Rails
Used Conveyor Guard Rails
  • Protect your product
  • Increase saftey
  • Variety heights available 
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Conveyor guardrails are a great addition to every conveyor system. While conveyors are an invaluable resource to any warehouse or material handling facility, their design is far from perfect. When dealing with high volume or unique configurations of conveyor, items being conveyed always run the risk of falling off, which can damage not only the products, but also any employee who may be in the area. 

To reduce the risk of this happening, a simple conveyor guardrail can make all the difference. Guardrails easily install to your existing conveyor system and help maintain product flow while keeping items from spilling over the sides and falling to the floor. Guardrails can be installed along the entire system, or just in problem sections, depending on your needs, and are most effective at providing safety when used in conjunction with conveyor netting.

Guardrails are available in several styles which include adjustable, fixed, and angle. Adjustable guardrails can be used at various heights, depending on what is being conveyed. Fixed and angle guardrails have one height, so it is important to make sure you find guardrails with dimensions that will most appropriately accommodate the products which are being conveyed. 

American Surplus has a large selection of used conveyor guardrail in stock in all three styles, and in various heights ranging from 2.5" to 10". All of our used conveyor guardrail is inspected prior to shipping to ensure that only the best quality used equipment leaves our warehouse. We make sure that guardrails are not bent and are in excellent working order so that there is no chance that safety will be compromised. Contact a member of our sales team for more information regarding our current inventory of conveyor guardrails, as well as our full array of used conveyor accessories