Used Conveyor Crossover

used conveyor

Conveyor crossovers, are also known as crossover bridges, crossover ladders, or crossover stairs, and are an efficient and economical way to add a safe passage over a conveyor line. These are ideal for safely allowing people to walk over conveyor lines, industrial equipment, and warehouse machinery without having to halt production. These crossovers improve greater levels of worker safety and productivity. There are two styles that are available, these styles are ladder and stairway (with or without platforms). Conveyor crossovers provide safety to any conveyor system by allowing an easy means of traversing the conveyor line without having to shut off or move it. ASI has a variety of used conveyor crossovers designed with different widths and heights to suit your specific material handling needs.

Used Conveyor Walkovers
Used Conveyor Walkovers
  • Ladder or Stairway Style
  • Alternative to conveyor gates
  • Sizes Vary

Available Combo Deals

Conveyor crossovers, sometimes called conveyor walkovers, comes in numerous sizes and styles depending on your unique conveyor system and the space available in your warehouse or material handling facility. American Surplus stocks ladder, or vertical, crossovers which feature ladders affixed to a platform to allow for a minimal footprint crossover without requiring a lot of extra floor space. These are designed to be fixed to the floor for permanent crossover solutions.

Stairway walkovers take up more space than a ladder walkover and is designed for higher traffic areas as they are a little easier to maneuver up and down than a vertical crossover. They are available in various heights and lengths to span a single row of conveyor, or several.

American Surplus also stocks smaller crossovers which are more lightweight and can be moved from area to area depending on where you may need to cross. Crossovers are available with or without platforms. If a crossover does not feature a platform, you must simply step over the conveyor line to the other side. This is ideal for crossing conveyor sections that are lower to the ground or where vertical clearance over a conveyor line is an issue.

All conveyor crossovers from ASI are inspected prior to shipping to make sure that our customers only receive the highest-quality used equipment. Crossovers are typically made of steel or aluminum to withstand wear and any potential damage that may come from a warehouse environment, so buying used is not a risk with equipment such as this. Most scratches, dents, or wear are superfluous and have no impact on the integrity of the crossover. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used conveyor crossovers, as well as our full array of used conveyor accessories