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New Pedestal Fans

New Pedestal Fans are perfect for cooling down small to medium work areas in factories, warehouses, and shipping facilities. They are also ideal for offices, schools, gyms, and other open areas. A huge advantage of industrial pedestal fans is that it can help keep spaces in facilities cooler while minimizing the overall cooling cost. This will help keep warehouse workers and employees comfortable so that they don’t overheat or slowdown in being efficient and productive. Pedestal fans offer a far more cost-effective means of temperature control within warehouses and other facilities. Another benefit is pedestal fans help keep air circulating to help push out chemical fumes, bad warehouse odors, and other unpleasant smells out the door. The circulation of air is especially important during the warmer months of the year. If air becomes stagnant it can make spaces warmer and can cause smells in a warehouse to linger around. While they are designed for cooling down smaller-sized areas quickly, industrial pedestal fans can also be used to dry wet spots rapidly, and to keep sediment out of the air at work sites.

New Pedestal Fans
New Pedestal Fans
  • 24" or 30" Diameter
  • 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 Horsepower
  • Oscillate or Pivot
  • Ships From Manufacturer

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About Pedestal Fans

Industrial Pedestal Fans are designed with heavy bases, adjustable height posts, and longer fan blades. These cost-effective and adaptable fans have multiple speeds, so they can be changed depending on the current need. These fans prevent air stagnation in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. By circulating air, pedestal fans help to improve air quality. Aside from improving the air quality, these fans will save facility managers thousands of dollars each year in energy costs.

Pedestal fans for industrial and commercial use are robust and powerful cooling solutions designed to meet the high demands of large spaces in demanding environments. These fans are engineered with durability, efficiency, and performance in mind, making them essential tools in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gyms, workshops, and retail spaces.

One of the primary characteristics of industrial and commercial pedestal fans is their substantial size and airflow capacity. These fans typically feature large fan blades and powerful motors, which allow them to move a significant volume of air efficiently. This is crucial for maintaining optimal working conditions in spaces where heat, humidity, and poor ventilation can be a concern.

Durability is a key factor in the design of these fans. They are often constructed with heavy-duty materials such as metal frames and industrial-grade blades, ensuring they can withstand continuous operation and exposure to various environmental factors. Additionally, they are engineered to meet safety standards and may include features like thermal overload protection to prevent overheating.

Adjustability and versatility are also important features of commercial and industrial pedestal fans. Many models come with adjustable height and tilt functions, enabling users to direct airflow precisely where it's desired. Some even have oscillating capabilities to cover larger areas efficiently. Additionally, many of these fans can be used with different power sources, including standard electrical outlets or generators, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

In industrial and commercial settings, where worker comfort, equipment cooling, and air quality are critical, pedestal fans play a vital role. They help maintain a comfortable temperature, reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses, improve air circulation, and enhance overall productivity. With their rugged construction and high-performance capabilities, these fans are indispensable tools for creating optimal working conditions in demanding environments.

Pedestal fans offer a more moderate amount of air flow than barrel fans or air cannons. They are smaller and convenient to move from room to room, are completely adjustable, and some even oscillate to vary direction of air flow. Designed for individual rooms and smaller spaces within a warehouse, these fans come equipped on a pedestal to allow air flow to be at face-level for ideal cooling. New pedestal fans com in various sizes at quantity discounts for 6 or more fans. Some other features are oscillate & pivot, long power cord, and adjustable height. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates today by calling them at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online!

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Advantages of Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans offer some advantages in various settings, providing a convenient and effective solution for cooling and ventilation. Here are some key advantages of pedestal fans:

  • Portability: Pedestal fans are designed to be portable, typically featuring a sturdy base and an adjustable height stand. This portability allows for easy movement and placement wherever cooling or air circulation is needed, making them versatile and adaptable to different spaces.
  • Adjustable Height and Direction: Pedestal fans often come with an adjustable height feature, allowing users to customize the fan's height to suit their preferences or specific cooling needs. Additionally, most pedestal fans have an oscillating function, which enables the fan head to rotate horizontally, distributing airflow across a wider area.
  • Cooling and Air Circulation: Pedestal fans provide a refreshing breeze, creating a cooling effect and promoting air circulation in the surrounding environment. They help to alleviate stuffiness, reduce heat, and provide comfort in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency: Pedestal fans are generally more energy-efficient compared to air conditioning units or other cooling alternatives. They consume less power while still providing effective cooling and airflow, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Pedestal fans offer a cost-effective cooling solution, especially in comparison to installing or operating air conditioning systems. They are typically more affordable to purchase and require less maintenance, making them a budget-friendly option for cooling needs.
  • Versatile Usage: Pedestal fans can be used in various settings, including homes, offices, schools, gyms, retail spaces, and outdoor areas. They are suitable for both personal use and provide cooling and air circulation in larger areas, making them versatile and adaptable to different environments.
  • Space-Saving Design: The compact and vertical design of pedestal fans allows them to occupy minimal floor space compared to other cooling options. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms or areas where space is limited.
  • Noise Levels: Pedestal fans are designed to operate with reduced noise levels, ensuring a quieter environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for spaces where low noise levels are desired, such as bedrooms, offices, or study areas.
  • Customizable Settings: Many pedestal fans offer adjustable speed settings, allowing users to choose the desired airflow intensity. Some models also include additional features such as timer settings or remote controls, providing convenience and control over fan operation.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Pedestal fans are typically easy to install and require minimal setup. They also have simple maintenance requirements, usually involving periodic cleaning of the fan blades and grilles to ensure optimal performance.

Pedestal Fans Applications

Pedestal fans find applications in a wide range of settings where cooling, air circulation, and personal comfort are desired. Here are some common applications for pedestal fans:

  • Residential Use: Pedestal fans are commonly used in homes, apartments, and residential spaces. They provide cooling and air circulation in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other areas, improving comfort during hot weather.
  • Offices and Workspaces: Pedestal fans are utilized in office environments to provide additional airflow and cooling. They help regulate temperatures, reduce stuffiness, and improve air circulation, contributing to a more comfortable and productive work atmosphere.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Pedestal fans are employed in classrooms, lecture halls, and other educational spaces to enhance airflow and maintain comfortable temperatures for students and teachers. They help create an optimal learning environment, particularly during warmer months.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Pedestal fans are used in gyms and fitness centers to provide cooling and improve air circulation during workouts. They help reduce heat and humidity, promoting comfort and enhancing the overall exercise experience for patrons.
  • Retail Stores: Pedestal fans are utilized in retail spaces, such as clothing stores or supermarkets, to improve air movement and create a more pleasant shopping environment. They contribute to customer comfort, particularly in areas where air conditioning may not be sufficient or practical.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Pedestal fans are employed in restaurants and cafes to provide cooling and air circulation for diners. They help create a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, especially in outdoor or patio seating areas.
  • Events and Outdoor Gatherings: Pedestal fans are used during outdoor events, festivals, and gatherings to provide cooling and ventilation. They help alleviate heat and provide relief for attendees, ensuring a more pleasant experience.
  • Industrial Settings: In some industrial settings, where the use of air conditioning may not be feasible or cost-effective, pedestal fans can be utilized to improve air circulation and provide localized cooling for workers in specific areas.
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Pedestal fans find application in warehouses and distribution centers to improve airflow and provide cooling in larger open spaces. They help reduce heat buildup, improve air quality, and create a more comfortable working environment.
  • Hospitality Industry: Pedestal fans are used in hotels, resorts, and guest accommodations to provide cooling and air circulation in rooms or common areas. They enhance guest comfort and contribute to a pleasant and relaxing stay.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Pedestal fans can be found in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to improve air movement and ventilation in waiting areas, patient rooms, and other spaces. They help maintain a comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Pedestal fans are utilized in outdoor venues such as patios, decks, or gazebos to provide cooling and airflow. They make outdoor spaces more enjoyable during hot weather conditions.

Warehouse Pedestal Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between our industrial fans and a commercial fan?
A:Fans are categorized based on the purpose and environment for which they’re used. Industrial fans allow increased comfort and airflow in high-traffic, noisy settings such as your warehouse. Commercial fans work together with existing cooling systems in places where the silent aesthetic is valued.

Q: What type of industrial fans does ASI carry?
A: American Surplus has an abundance of fans in stock, including barrel fans, wall mounted fans, standing pedestal fans, and high velocity ceiling fans.

Q: How big of a fan do I need?
A: Typically, if you’re looking to add a fan to your space, the square footage of the space should be 5-7 times larger than the fan’s diameter. For example, a 30-inch fan would cover an area of at least 22,500 square feet!

Q: How do I assemble a pedestal fan?
A:Assembly instructions can vary by brand and model, but typically, you'll attach the fan head to the pedestal, secure it, and plug it into a power source following the manufacturer's guidelines. American Surplus Inc. will equip you with any stands and bases necessary to install your industrial pedestal fan.

Q: Can I use a pedestal fan outdoors?
A: Some pedestal fans are designed for outdoor use, but not all of them. Make sure to check the manufacturer's specifications to see if the fan is suitable for outdoor use.

Q:What should I consider when choosing the right pedestal fan for my needs?
A: Consider factors like room size, available features, noise level, energy efficiency, and your specific cooling needs when selecting a pedestal fan.

Not Sure Which Type of Fan You Need?

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