Cubiscan 125 Dimensioner
Cubiscan 125 DimensionerCubiscan 125 DimensionerCubiscan 125 DimensionerCubiscan 125 Dimensioner

Cubiscan 125 Dimensioner

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  • Measures and weighs irregularly-shaped objects
  • Equipped to a cart for full mobility
  • Provides shipping measurements in seconds

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Weight130 lbs.
Electrical Input Requirements100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Operating Speed3-5 Seconds
Weight Increment.005 lb
Measure SensorInfrared Light Beam and Ultrasonic
Weight SensorThree Load Cells

The Cubiscan 125 Product Dimensioning System

Take out all of the hassle of weighing and measuring objects for shipping or storing with the Cubiscan 125 Dimensioner. This static-cubing system uses infrared and ultrasonic sensors to precisely measure and weigh almost anything, boxed or unboxed. Gate sensors can measure up to 18" x 12" x 12", while the ultrasound sensors can measure up to 24" x 30" x 36" in just seconds. Equipped to a mobile cart and power supply, the Cubiscan 125 can be maneuvered around your warehouse wherever it may be needed. 

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