Used Pallet Racking

Used pallet racking for sale from American Surplus is always 40-60% off retail prices and is always in stock in our 530,000 sq ft. indoor warehouse. The used pallet racks are professionally packaged and ships within the lead time provided on your quote! Pricing may vary based on the condition, capacity, and quantity required. Used pallet racking is the most economical of all warehouse storage systems available today. Teardrop pallet racking & structural pallet racking systems lead the way. Used pallet racking prices are based on condition, size, and quantity.

Used Teardrop Pallet Racking
  • Industry compatible racking
  • Interchangeable¬† design
  • Most popular
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Used Structural Pallet Racking
  • Heavy duty pallet rack
  • Nut and bolt frames and beams
  • Structural Design
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Used Pallet Racks
  • Build higher, store more
  • Fast access to pallets
  • Maximize storage space
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Used Drive In Racks
  • Large volume storage
  • Single entry/exit point
  • Dense pallet rack storage
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Used Pushback Racking
  • Maximize racking capacity
  • Rail drops onto welded cleats
  • Flanged steel wheels
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Used Pallet Flow Rack
  • Gravity flow rack
  • 2-15 Pallets Deep
  • Single or Double wheel
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Used Wire Decking
  • Drops into place, no tools
  • Pallet rack decking
  • Increase fire safety
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Used Pallet Rack Accessories
  • RMI compliant
  • Pallet rack safety equipment
  • Mandatory OSHA compliant
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Used Stack Racks
  • Ideal for bulk storage items
  • Can be used to ship product
  • Forkliftable racks
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Used Cantilever Racks
  • Perfect for lumber racks
  • Pipe racks, Plywood racks
  • Easy access to product
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Our experienced sales staff will work with you to solve your pallet racking needs. Although we are located in RI, ASI has inventory stored throughout the country, allowing us to ship nationally with competitive rates. Call for a free same day quote. We also buy used pallet racking in good condition and in large quantities, so speak with purchasing today!Click here to learn more about ASI rack department. 

Some of the used pallet rack brands we sell are: Bull Dog Racking, Husky Pallet Racking, Burtman Pallet Racking, Interlake Pallet Racking, Dexco Pallet Racking, Teardrop Pallet Racking, Deltruie Pallet Racking, Mecalux Pallet Racking, Elite Pallet Racking, Konstant Pallet Racking, Excell Pallet Racking, Penco Pallet Racking, Frazier Pallet Racking, Republic Pallet Racking, Frick Gallager Pallet Racking, Ridg-u-Rack Structural Pallet Racking and Speed Rack. What some people call pallet rack others may call it: Warehouse Storage, Storage Racking, Industrial Shelving Racks, Industrial Pallet Racking, Used Pallet Racking, Pallet Rack Frames, Warehouse Racking, Pallet Rack Beams, Pallet Racking Systems or Pallet Rack Uprights.

Used pallet racking is a storage system for material handling settings designed to store materials that are placed on pallets, or “palletized”. Pallets are then placed on horizontal rows of racking that contains multiple vertical levels. Forklifts are used to pick and store pallets on used pallet racks, and they can be either LIFO or FIFO style inventory storage. There are many different styles of used pallet racking to choose from, and based on your specific needs, ASI is here to help.

Some of the more common types of used pallet racking include drive in/ drive through, pushback, and pallet flow, although there are many others. Drive in/drive through pallet rack allows for forklifts to drive directly into the lane where the product is being stored. The difference between the two is drive in pallet rack doesn’t allow for the forklift to drive all the way through the racking, whereas drive through does.

Even though drive in pallet racking doesn’t allow for a forklift to drive though, they can be placed back to back, reducing the number of aisles by half when compared to drive through. This allows for increased storage density, and it also means less rows for forklifts to travel to retrieve product.

Used pushback pallet rack takes advantage of depth of storage and allows for pallets to be stored up six deep, which also allows for less rows. Pallets are stored on flow rails, which allow for it to be pushed back into the racking. The rails are angled towards the front of the used pallet rack, so when a pallet is taken away, the rest of the pallets in that row slide forward. This style of storing inventory is considered LIFO, because the last product to be stored is the first product to be picked.

Used pallet flow racking is similar in style to pushback, except pallet flow rack is stocked from the back and picked from the front, whereas pushback pallet rack is picked and stocked in the front. Pallets are stocked in the back of the racking, which contains flow rails that are angled towards the front, allowing for the pallet to slide to the front of the used pallet rack. This is a FIFO style of inventory, because the first item stored slides all the way to the front of the racking is picked first.

ASI carries many different types of specialty used pallet rack as well, including used carpet rack, reel rack, structural rack, stack rack, and more. As you can see there are many different types of used pallet racking to choose from, so feel free to give us a call. Our sales team will happily work with you to answer any questions and to determine the ideal pallet rack for your material handling needs.

What some people call pallet rack others may call it: Warehouse Storage Storage Racking Industrial Shelving Racks Industrial Pallet Racking Used Pallet Racking Pallet Rack Frames Warehouse Racking Pallet Rack Beams Pallet Racking Systems Pallet Rack Uprights