Used Pallet Rack Supports

Pallet rack supports are a way to store pallets that are not deep enough to fit on standard frame depths. Pallet supports provide a level storage area by resting on the step beams of selective pallet racking. These bars come in a variety of materials, and are an inexpensive alternative to wire decking. Two supports are required per pallet position, and are designed to sit between the rack beams on standard 48" deep upright frames.

Used Pallet Rack Supports
Used Pallet Rack Supports
  • Alternative to wire decking
  • 2 supports required per pallet
  • 42" Deep, 44" Deep, 48" Deep

Available Combo Deals

Pallet supports are a must-have if your racking is deeper than the pallets you plan to store. Also known as cross bars, these supports create a level surface from beam to beam on which you can rest your pallets. This significantly increases safety by reducing the risk of rack failure or product damage. In addition, the flat surface makes it easier for forklift operators to load materials onto the warehouse rack.

At American Surplus Inc., we carry wood and metal pallet supports in a variety of widths. These are a cost-effective alternative to wire mesh decking. Both create a flat storage surface, though support bars take slightly more time to install.

To avoid damaged pallets or falling material, call ASI today at (800)876-3736. One of our experienced rack technicians will ask about your storage needs to help you choose the rack supports that are right for you.