Used Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Pallet rack column protectors are easy to install, and are an inexpensive solution for protecting pallet racks. Column protectors prevent forklifts from severely damaging the end columns of pallet racks, which helps maintain structural integrity. Without pallet rack column protectors, your products may be at risk of falling and potentially hurting workers. Used pallet rack column protectors from American Surplus are ideal for keeping employees, equipment, and racking safe. Available in plastic or steel, pallet rack column protectors are a must when working in any warehouse setting.

Used Pallet Rack Column Protectors
Used Pallet Rack Column Protectors
  • Free standing or bolt on
  • Mount in front of 3" or 4" frames
  • 12" High, Other sizes available

Available Combo Deals

Pallet rack column or frame protectors are designed to minimize damage to racking columns from forklift impacts. There are several types and sizes of pallet rack frames: cold rolled steel and structural steel frames. Both require protection even though structural columns are more resistant to forklift damage. Repeated forklift impacts can compromise the structural capacity and rigidity over time.

Repeated forklift impacts could even lead to a rack collapse. Protectors are positioned either in front of column and lagged to the floor or bolted to the column. They provide a buffer between the hard-hitting forklift and the upright column. 


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