Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties

Pallet rack wall ties are used to assist in stabilizing a row of racking adjacent to a wall. Because a single row of racking is not connected to an adjacent row of rack, its stability is minimized. Keep in mind that although the industry term is “WALL TIE”, not every wall is rated for supporting the weight of a loaded row of racking. Discuss your application with one of our rack technicians who will assist you in choosing the approved accessories needed for your rack system. Call today 800-876-3736.

Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties
Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties
  • Increase stability
  • Affordable safety solution
  • Various sizes

Available Combo Deals

Pallet rack wall ties offer increased stability for any pallet rack that has a height of more than six times its depth by connecting the upright frame to the adjoining wall. Pallet rack wall ties can be used to support uprights when pallet racks are arranged in a row along the wall, and are easily connected with nuts and bolts.


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