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Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties

Pallet rack wall ties are used to assist in stabilizing a row of racking adjacent to a wall. These wall ties can quickly and easily be added to your pallet racking system. Because a single row of racking is not connected to an adjacent row of rack, its stability is minimized. Keep in mind that although the industry term is “WALL TIE”, not every wall is rated for supporting the weight of a loaded row of racking. A minimum of two wall ties are suggested for every upright that is against a wall. Investing in pallet rack components will increase the strength, flexibility, impact resistance, and long life of your pallet rack. Discuss your application with one of our rack technicians who will assist you in choosing the approved accessories needed for your rack system. Call today (800) 876-3736.

Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties
Used Pallet Rack Wall Ties
  • Increase stability
  • Affordable
  • Various sizes

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About Pallet Rack Wall Ties

Pallet rack wall ties are essential structural components within warehouse storage systems, designed to enhance stability and safety by securing the uprights of pallet racks to walls or other stable structures. These ties play a crucial role in preventing potentially catastrophic incidents, such as rack collapse, toppling, or displacement due to heavy loads, lateral forces, seismic events, or accidental impacts. By effectively transferring forces to the wall, these ties ensure that the entire rack system remains securely anchored, safeguarding both workers and stored goods.

Pallet rack wall ties come in various types, including diagonal braces, horizontal crossbars, and wire mesh panels. Diagonal braces are instrumental in reinforcing rack stability for tall installations by diverting lateral pressures to the wall. Horizontal crossbars distribute forces across the rack system, reducing the risk of tilting and providing an additional layer of support. Wire mesh panels function not only as ties but also as debris containment barriers, enhancing both safety and organization. These ties are indispensable in seismic regions, preventing racks from collapsing during earthquakes, and can be tailored to fit different rack heights and wall distances. Their installation ensures efficient space utilization, mitigating the potential risks associated with improperly secured storage systems.

Pallet rack wall ties offer increased stability for any pallet rack that has a height of more than six times its depth by connecting the upright frame to the adjoining wall. Pallet rack wall ties can be used to support uprights when pallet racks are arranged in a row along the wall, and are easily connected with nuts and bolts.

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Pallet Rack Wall Ties Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are pallet rack wall ties?
A: Pallet rack wall ties are structural components used to secure the uprights of pallet racks to a wall or other stable structure, enhancing stability and safety.

Q: Why are pallet rack wall ties important?
A: Wall ties prevent pallet racks from tipping over due to heavy loads, seismic events, or accidental impacts, thereby improving warehouse safety.

Q: When are pallet rack wall ties needed?
A: Wall ties are recommended when pallet racks are positioned near walls or in areas where there's a risk of tipping due to lateral forces.

Q: Do all pallet rack systems require wall ties?
A: Not all systems need wall ties. Their necessity depends on factors like rack height, load capacity, proximity to walls, and local regulations.

Q: What regulations govern the use of pallet rack wall ties?
A: Regulations can vary by region and local building codes. Generally, rack stability standards dictate the need for wall ties in certain scenarios.

Q: Can wall ties be used with various types of pallet rack systems?
A: Yes, wall ties are designed to work with different rack configurations, but compatibility should be confirmed with manufacturers or experts.