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Used Pallet Rack Netting

pallet rack netting

Pallet rack netting is an inexpensive way to significantly increase employee safety within your work environment. Pallet rack netting is an inexpensive way to significantly increase employee safety within your work environment. Pallet rack netting creates a vertical see-through wall and prevents boxes, products, pallets, and other stacked material from falling through the pallet rack. This will help in reducing the chance of product falling in the aisle and keeps the product in place on warehouse racking. This prevents employee injury and inventory loss or damage. Since warehouse safety is an important component of distribution facility and warehousing, warehouse rack netting can help. American Surplus has hundreds of sections of pallet rack netting for any size pallet rack system and in various mesh sizes to best fit the product you are storing.

Used Pallet Rack Netting
Used Pallet Rack Netting
  • Durable industrial design
  • Reduce product damage
  • Improve employee safety

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About Pallet Rack Netting

Pallet rack netting, also known as warehouse rack netting or pallet rack safety netting, is a specialized type of safety equipment used in industrial and warehouse settings to enhance workplace safety and prevent accidents. It is designed to provide a protective barrier between stored materials on pallet racks and the surrounding environment, as well as to prevent items from falling off the racks and potentially causing injury to workers or damage to products.

Pallet rack netting creates a durable barrier used to contain loose items and stacked goods placed on shelves or storage racks. Pallet rack netting maintains a uniform appearance for easy inventory identification, and is especially useful in high traffic areas. Installation is easy and can be attached with cable ties or with high-tensile wire for extra security.

pallet rack netting can also contribute to organizational efficiency by keeping items in place, preventing shifting or disarray that could impede the picking and restocking processes. Businesses that prioritize workplace safety and operational effectiveness often incorporate pallet rack netting as part of their overall safety strategy, ensuring the well-being of employees while maintaining smooth warehouse operations.

Help make the warehouse environment safer for employees and prevent product damage before it happens. All of our used pallet rack netting is inspected prior to shipping to ensure that there are no tears or fraying of the mesh so that safety is not compromised. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used pallet rack netting, as well as our full selection of used pallet rack accessories.

Pallet Rack Netting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is pallet rack netting important?
A: It enhances workplace safety by containing and securing stored items, reducing the risk of injuries and damage.

Q: What materials is pallet rack netting made from?
A: It is typically made from durable materials like nylon, polyethylene, or polyester.

Q: How is pallet rack netting installed?
A: It is usually attached to the pallet racking structure using hooks, ties, or other fastening mechanisms.

Q: Is pallet rack netting a cost-effective solution?
A: Yes, considering the potential savings from preventing accidents and damage to inventory, it is an economical investment for any warehouse or distribution center.

Q: Does pallet rack netting have weight capacity limits?
A: Yes, different types of netting have specific weight capacities, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

Q: Does pallet rack netting require special maintenance?
A: Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure the netting remains effective and secure.

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