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Used Pick Modules for Sale

Used Pick Modules
Used Pick Modules
  • Let us help design pick module
  • Mezzanine, racking, conveyor
  • Free CAD layouts and site visits
Used Carton Flow Pick Modules
Used Carton Flow Pick Modules
  • Optimize Storage Space
  • Decrease Picking Time
  • Improve Productivity
Used Pallet Flow Pick Modules
Used Pallet Flow Pick Modules
  • Improve Order Fulfillment
  • Highly Configurable
  • Reduce Pick Time
Used Selective Pallet Rack Pick Module
Used Selective Pallet Rack Pick Module
  • Efficient Storage
  • Reduce Picker Fatigue
  • Faster Order Processing
Used Shelf Supported Pick Modules
Used Shelf Supported Pick Modules
  • Increase Throughput
  • Optimize Storage Space
  • Improve Picking Accuracy

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About Pick Modules

Pick modules are the one-stop storage solution for busy warehouses or distribution centers. Interestingly, a pick module isn’t a single standalone structure. Rather, it’s a complex structure which is layered with multi-level racking systems for storing inventory and picking up items for seamless order fulfilment. This advanced storage system facilitates bulk product storage as well as assures less effort on product handling and faster, more efficient order shipments. Pick modules are especially indispensable for warehouses that have to handle high volume SKUs.

Some pick modules carry manual pickup systems while more advanced ones allow automated pickup. However, the industrial storage device market is bustling today with an increasing number of state-of-the-art pick modules that offer a blend of both.

Different Styles of Pick Modules

As mentioned previously, a pick and pack shelving structure is one of the multi-tiered storage solution that American Surplus can provide for you others include:

Pallet Rack
Carton Flow Pallet Rack
Pallet Flow Rack

The rack system is the most core ingredient of pick modules. They work to support the conveyor belt and the whole system of product flow to ensure reduced congestion and pricey pick errors. Essentially, a pick module system is aimed to maximize flow efficiency in a factory. Palletized goods are shifted by gravity via the system, broken into pieces and cartons, then moved to the pick-up zone for shipment.

The above pointers present the basic structure of a standard pick module. However, these case flow system units can be really versatile and adopt a broad variety of configurations based on the requirements of the application.

Signs That Your Business Needs a Pick Module

Would your business benefit from a pick module? If your business sounds like any of the following points, your company, staff, and bottom-line would all benefit from the efficiency and organizational benefits a pick module can offer:

  • Your company handles high volumes of SKUs
  • You have a large warehouse or distribution center with a large customer base
  • You wish to improve overall throughput without making sacrificies to quality along the way
  • You wish to maximize the output of every last square foot of your facility while minimizing footprint
  • You wish to reduce labor costs & time spent traveling between pick & pack points
  • You wish for increased accuracy in order fulfillment while reducing time spent reviewing each order
  • Your customer base desires faster, more accurate order fulfillment

How Does a Pick Module Help?

Let's define the situation with an example of a warehouse that has not installed a pick module.

The warehouse receives an order. Pickers are given instructions and picking locations and they immediately rush to fill the order sheet. Usually, this requires the pickers to walk for miles all across your warehouse searching the racks for the items on their order sheet. This process can be tedious and time consuming, and time is money. The longer it takes to pick orders, the more it costs to process the order. Additionally, the laborious process of traveling to each pick location and seeking the individual items from their order sheet combined with the stress of strict time limits introduces an increased risk of errors in the picking process, leading to customers receiving late or incorrect orders, leading to further time and labor costs piled on top of an already inefficient system.

Pick Modules come to the rescue here.

How a Pick Module Works

A pick module relieves your picking crew of the hassle of walking from picking point to picking point around your warehouse to locate items on their order sheets and helps enforce error correction before orders are shipped. At the picking area, a picker gathers conveyor-able items near their station to fulfill their assigned order sheet. Once an order has been picked, it's sent down a powered conveyor line to the race loop, where it waits for a final review by the packing team. Once the packing team confirms the accuracy of the picked order, it can be packed and sent further down the line to a set of shipping lanes to be delivered to the appropriate carrier. Incorrect orders can be sent down the recirculation line and back to the picking area for correction.

Anatomy of a Pick Module

Benefits of Pick Modules

Pick Modules ensure a variety of advantages for warehouses and distribution centers. These structures are strategically engineered to optimize the speed at which stored product becomes a picked & shipped order, which results in a satisfied, repeat customer. A Pick Module streamlines the whole picking procedure, reducing picker fatigue and time needed to locate items, making way for flawless and timely delivery of orders.

Key Benefits of Pick Modules:
  • Allows dense product storage caching in a vertical storage area
  • Substantially reduces overall square footage requirement for storage footprint
  • Optimizes facility space
  • Reduces elaborate walks for pickers while seeking items for order fulfillment
  • Reduces errors caused by order fatigue and lack of error correction
  • Enhances picker efficiency
  • Improves product turnaround time
  • Facilitates faster order processing with fewer issues after delivery
  • Ensures customer satisfaction, increasing chances of repeat ordering
Key Applications for Pick Modules:
  • Retail
  • Prepackaged Food Manufacturers
  • E-Commerce
  • Specialty Distributors
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Cannabis Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Auto Parts Manufacturers & Distributors
  • 3rd Party Logistics Companies

Final Words

Oftentimes, the best pick module is one that's custom designed to fit your business' unique application. More precisely, the design of a pick module depends on the variety of SKU's that the system needs to handle, the amount of floor space available, and many other factors that our experienced sales team has helped thousands of businesses across America identify and use to create the perfect pick module for their use case. Having been in business since 1991, our team has the knowledge to help with personalized pick modules designed to handle your order handling needs with speed and accuracy at a price that will help you save thousands off of new material. If you have questions about our pick module solutions or would like to get started, request a quote online or call our office at (800) 876-3736 to start your free consultation and layout!

Pick Modules Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do pick modules enhance order picking efficiency?
A: Pick modules facilitate faster, more organized picking by providing clear access to products and minimizing travel time for workers.

Q: Are pick modules customizable to specific warehouse layouts?
A: Yes, pick modules can be customized based on warehouse size, product types, order volume, and workflow requirements.

Q: What are the benefits of multi-level storage in pick modules?
A: Multi-level storage optimizes vertical space, allowing more products to be stored without expanding the warehouse's footprint.

Q: What are the cost considerations for implementing pick modules?
A: Costs include initial design, construction, equipment, installation, and potential ongoing maintenance.

Q: Are pick modules compatible with different order picking strategies?
A: Yes, pick modules can accommodate strategies like batch picking, zone picking, and wave picking to suit various workflows.

Q: What is the typical return on investment (ROI) for implementing pick modules?
A: ROI varies based on factors like order volume, labor costs, and efficiency gains, but the reduced labor and error costs often provide significant ROI.