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Pick Module Liquidation - New Milford, CT

August 15, 2022

American Surplus recently acquired 2 pick modules and a sortation conveyor system from a facility in New Milford, CT. This liquidation includes the following materials: 3,080 Feet of Power Conveyor, 3,080 Feet of Gravity Conveyor, 6 Spiral Conveyors, 350 Flow Rack Beds & Extra Beams & Roll Tracks, S-Style & 90 Degree Style Curves, and 1 32”x80’x10’ Mezzanine. This material can be ready for onsite pickup as is to save the cost of freight and shipping of materials.

If you are running a high-volume distribution operation or looking to grow your business a pick module could be the perfect solution. Pick modules are utilized in a variety of industries like drug companies, parts manufacturers, food, retail, specialty distribution, e-commerce, electronics, and many more. This solution is a cost-effective way to enhance picking efficiency, productivity, and accuracy across these industries.

In today’s world customers want orders as fast as possible. Since pick modules reduce worker fatigue, they increase your processing capacity and allow you and your team to move more products out the door and into the hands of your customers. Customer orders will be promptly delivered to packing and shipping areas, increasing accuracy and processing speed.

Are you moving or liquidating and want cash for the used warehouse material in your old facility? Don't waste your time with scrap dealers; ASI can help! We pay top dollar for the used shelving, racking, and other warehouse equipment you're leaving behind, repurposing your old material, and helping you make back most of your investment along the way. Learn more about our purchasing program online or call our sales office at (800)876-3736 to get started.

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Product List Updated 8/30/22
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Product Dimensions
Lineshaft 340' w/ 5 Diverts Zero Pressure
Slider Belt 140' w/ 3 Diverts
Belt Under Roller 680' w/ 7 Diverts Transport
Belt Under Roller 420' w/ 5 Diverts Zero Pressure
Gravity Conveyor 3080 Feet w/ Stands
Conveyor Curves 90 Degrees
Conveyor Curves S-Style


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