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Used Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are perfect for creating additional space in warehouses and factory environments. These industrial cabinets are great for safely and securely storing away any dangerous equipment or important materials in the workplace. American Surplus Inc. has a wide variety and large inventory of used industrial cabinets, including: vidmar, flammable, blueprint, and security cabinets. All of our used material handling equipment costs a fraction of the price of purchasing new.

Call today and speak with a member of our sales staff who will work with you to find a cabinet that suits your specific needs. Pricing may vary based on the condition of the product, the quantity desired, and the capacity required. We can ship nationwide and offer competitive freight rates thanks to our various shipping locations. ASI has been a trusted seller of good quality used material handling equipment for over 30 years.

Used Flammable Storage Cabinets
  • Protect liquids against fires
  • Prevent excessive temperatures
  • Stores containers and drums
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Used Vidmar Cabinets
  • Maximize Efficient Organization
  • Safeguard Your Inventory or Tools
  • All Parts Within Easy Reach
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Used Blueprint Cabinets
  • Keeps documents safe
  • Store maps, photos and plans
  • Label holders on drawers
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Used Storage Cabinets
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Steel box formed doors
  • Adjustable shelves
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About Industrial Cabinets

Used industrial cabinets from American Surplus are perfect for the warehouse. In any warehouse, things are going to collect dust and get beat up, so why buy a new industrial cabinet when a used one will do just fine! Our used blueprint cabinets keep documents safe and clean. They are ideal for storing maps, photos, drawings and much more. You can affix labels to the front as well for even more organization.

Our used storage cabinets covered a wide variety of products, but are commonly referred to as two-door storage cabinets. These cabinets are made with a heavy duty steel construction, with steel box formed doors. They come with a certain number of shelves and are usually adjustable so that you can set the height of each level.

Used industrial cabinets are storage units that have been previously owned and used in an industrial setting. They can be an attractive option for businesses that need affordable storage solutions or for those looking to upgrade their storage systems without the cost of buying new equipment. There are several benefits to purchasing used industrial cabinets, but there are also some important considerations to keep in mind.

One of the main benefits of used industrial cabinets is cost savings. Because they have been previously owned and used, these cabinets are often significantly less expensive than brand new units. This can be particularly attractive to smaller businesses or those operating on a tight budget.

Another benefit of used industrial cabinets is the availability of unique or hard-to-find models. Some industrial cabinets are no longer manufactured or are only available in limited quantities. By purchasing a used cabinet, businesses can often find the exact model they need to meet their specific storage requirements.

Used flammable storage cabinets are OSHA certified and protect liquids against fires. We stock a wide variety of capacities to fit different sized containers and drums. Finally, our used vidmar cabinets are perfect for maximizing organization of small parts. They are great for safeguarding your inventory and parts within easy reach.

Industrial warehouse cabinets are both secure and effective storage solutions. They act as a place to store the most valuable, dangerous, and useful items in both workplace and public settings. Industrial cabinet inventory goes fast so don’t miss out on these great deals and call an American Surplus sales associate today.

Advantages of Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are an important storage solution for many industrial and manufacturing facilities. Some of the advantages of industrial cabinets include:

  • Improved organization: Industrial cabinets help to keep tools, equipment, and materials organized and easily accessible, which can increase productivity and reduce the time spent searching for items.
  • Space savings: Industrial cabinets take up less floor space than open shelving or other types of storage systems, which can help to maximize the available workspace.
  • Increased security: Most industrial cabinets are lockable and provide a secure storage solution for valuable equipment, tools, and materials, reducing the risk of theft or damage.
  • Durability: Industrial cabinets are designed to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand harsh industrial environments and heavy use.
  • Customizable: Industrial cabinets can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of a facility, with different sizes, materials, and configurations available.
  • Improved safety: Industrial cabinets can be designed with safety features, such as reinforced doors and shelves, to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.
  • Compliance: Industrial cabinets can help facilities comply with regulatory requirements for the storage of hazardous materials or other types of products.

Used Industrial Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a corrosive cabinet?
A: Corrosive cabinets are designed to safely store acids and other corrosive materials, rather than simply storing them on a shelf.

Q: What are industrial storage cabinets?
Industrial storage cabinets are large storage units designed to store tools, equipment, and supplies used in industrial settings. They are typically made of durable materials like steel and have multiple shelves or compartments to help users organize their items.

Q: Where should I store flammable chemicals?
A: Flammable chemicals should be stored in a rated flammable storage cabinet.

Q: Should a corrosive cabinet be ventilated?
A: There are no obligations to ventilate these cabinets, but it is usually a good idea to store liquid corrosive materials in a ventilated cabinet if the lab space is equipped with ventilated corrosive storage cabinets already.

Q: What types of industrial storage cabinets are available?
There are many types of industrial storage cabinets available, including bin cabinets, drawer cabinets, shelf cabinets, and wardrobe cabinets. Each type has its own unique features and benefits, such as bin cabinets that are ideal for storing small parts or drawer cabinets that provide easy access to tools.