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Used Pallet Rack Stop Bars

Pallet Stop Bars or pallet stop brackets, provide full bay width protection. Pallet stop bars are what stops your pallet from falling off your rack. Once they are easily installed with nuts and bolts, they will not only stop your pallets from falling off your rack, but also increase the safety of employees. Ensure pallets are being evenly stored across the back of your pallet rack by preventing unsafe product overhang. Load stops are the extra feature that can help protect your warehouse and your pallet loads from harm. These offset beams will stop pallet contents from hurtling through a wall or even injuring an employee. Pallet stops for racking improve security of pallets and safety in your warehouse facility. Some useful applications include racks near workstations, and single rows of rack. The more you buy the more save! Call for discounts.

48" Pallet Rack Stop Bars
48" Pallet Rack Stop Bars
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Easy to install
  • Buy More, Save More
96" Pallet Rack Stop Bars
96" Pallet Rack Stop Bars
  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Easy to Install
  • Prevent Pallet Push-Through

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About Pallet Rack Stop Bars

Pallet rack stop bars, integral to warehouse safety, serve as indispensable components within storage systems. These essential accessories, also referred to as beam stoppers or pallet stops, are strategically installed on the front of pallet rack beams to prevent pallets from overhanging or inadvertently pushing through the rack structure. Pallet rack stop bars act as a barrier, ensuring that loaded pallets remain securely within their designated storage bays, mitigating the risks associated with potential accidents, damaged goods, and operational disruptions. By creating a physical boundary that aligns with the intended storage position, these stop bars contribute to the overall organization, efficiency, and safety of warehouse operations.

Available in various types such as spring-loaded, fixed, or impact-resistant, pallet rack stop bars cater to diverse storage needs and scenarios. Whether accommodating varying pallet sizes, preventing unintended overhang, or offering adjustability, these accessories can be tailored to specific warehouse configurations. Pallet rack stop bars also complement other safety features within the warehouse environment, such as rack guards, column protectors, and floor markings, forming a cohesive safety network that prioritizes the well-being of both workers and stored inventory. In addition to their straightforward installation, stop bars play a pivotal role in maintaining warehouse compliance with safety regulations, supporting an efficient workflow, and safeguarding valuable assets against unforeseen risks.

Some of these pallet rack accessories are OSHA required & RMI recommended. We carry the following accessories for your pallet rack: used pallet rack row spacers, used pallet rack column protectors, used pallet rack end of aisle guards, used pallet rack floor guide, used pallet rack netting, used pallet rack supports, used pallet rack wall ties and used decking.

If you have questions about what type of pallet rack accessories are right for you, our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help. Give us a call today at 800-876-3736 to speak with a member of our sales team about your pallet racking needs today! American Surplus will provide a quote on new equipment if used is unavailable. Nationwide shipping is available.

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Pallet Rack Stop Bars Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are pallet rack stop bars important?
A: Pallet rack stop bars enhance safety by ensuring that pallets are correctly positioned within the rack bays, reducing the risk of accidents, damage, and dislodged items.

Q: How do pallet rack stop bars work?
A: Stop bars are mounted on the front of rack beams to create a physical barrier that prevents pallets from moving beyond their intended storage position.

Q: What types of pallet rack stop bars are available?
A: Common types include spring-loaded stop bars, fixed stop bars, and impact-resistant stop bars, each designed for different levels of pallet retention.

Q: When should pallet rack stop bars be used?
A: Stop bars are recommended whenever pallets are stored on racks, particularly in areas prone to accidental forklift impacts or uneven loading.

Q: Do stop bars hinder accessibility to stored items?
A: Stop bars are designed to avoid hindering accessibility while preventing overhang, allowing for efficient and safe loading and unloading.

Q: Do pallet rack stop bars require maintenance?
A: Regular inspections for damage or wear are important. Damaged stop bars should be replaced promptly to ensure their effectiveness.