Used Pallet Rack Supports

Used pallet rack supports are used to store pallets on racks that are not deep enough to fit on standard rack frame depths. Rack supports are an inexpensive alternative to wire decking by partially supporting the pallet with its bars. Pallet rack supports fit onto the step beams of select pallet rack styles, providing a flat storage area. Two supports are required per pallet position, and are designed to sit between the beams on standard 48" deep upright frames.

Used Pallet Rack Supports
Used Pallet Rack Supports
  • Alternative to wire decking
  • 2 supports required per pallet
  • 42" Deep, 44" Deep, 48" Deep

Available Combo Deals

Used pallet supports are used to assist the forklift operator in positioning the pallet load onto the pallet rack level. In order to take advantage of the frame and beam capacity, loaded pallets must be positioned squarely on the front and rear beams. There are many types of metal, wood supports and decking: Wood planking (instep and on top of beams), Plywood panels (in step and on top of beams), Particle Board panels (in step and on top of beams), Metal (waterfall type) on top of beams, Metal (waterfall on top of beams and screwed to beams), and Metal (in step).

There are a lot of options for effectively providing a surface for forklift operators to place pallet loads safely and securely. The above choices have different benefits along with disadvantages. Your insurance company will probably have concerns about wood planking, particle board, and plywood being used due to fire risk.

Metal is the answer that will do the job. Keep in mind that pallet supports are used to assist the operator in correctly placing the loaded pallet not increasing the capacity of the system. To prevent damaged pallets or material falling, ASI suggests using wire decking with attached struts serving as supports. Call and speak with one of our rack technicians who will assist you with your choice. Call 800-876-3736.