Used Mezzanine Catwalks

Used mezzanine catwalks also called elevated walkways, produced by ASI are supported from the floor or adjacent structures including racking or mezzanines. Mezzanine catwalks are designed to meet a specific set of specifications provided by the customer. Components typically consist of steel I-beams, connecting channels, decking, and railing.

Used Mezzanine Catwalks
Used Mezzanine Catwalks
  • Elevated walkway
  • Affixed to ceiling or adjacent
  • Handrail included

Available Combo Deals

Used mezzanine catwalk choices include: Open steel decking, Bar grate decking, Steel panels or plate decking, and gates. Accessories for used mezzanine catwalks include: Standard steel railings and Mesh railings. Confirm your choices with one of our fabrication technicians who will provide you with the information you need and a catwalk CAD drawing drawn to your specifications at no charge. Call today.