Used Vertical Lifts

Used vertical reciprocating conveyors, or used vertical lifts, are ideal for moving heavy loads from one level to another without an incline conveyor or elevator. Vertical reciprocating conveyors can carry many types and sizes of products to lofts, mezzanines, and upper stories within the warehouse.

Intertex Vertical Carousels
Intertex Vertical Carousels
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Used Vertical Lift
Used Vertical Lift
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This style of used vertical lift saves space and are designed for continuous operation. Used vertical reciprocating conveyors can carry anything from pallets to bins, carts, and totes.

What are Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors? Used vertical carousels or reciprocating conveyors are used to move materials in factories, warehouses, distribution centers, or any other industrial setting where products needs to move from one level to another. They are actually not considered elevators, and are exempt from the national elevator code. Used vertical reciprocating conveyors provide efficient and safe access to and from mezzanines, balconies, or in between floors of a multiple story building.

Used vertical carousels are either fully automated or manually operated. Both styles feature rotating shelves and a chain driven carriage. Automated vertical reciprocating conveyors can be programmed for advanced functions like inventory management and control, and they also have a manual override for when hand picking is necessary.

Major benefits of Used Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor: Can be installed in an existing building, Less costly and easier to install than traditional elevators, Can be installed in an unused elevator shaft, Can save up to 70% more floor space when compared to traditional storage methods, keeps items safe and secure, provides convenient access to items in storage

Why should you consider purchasing a used vertical reciprocating carousel? New vertical lifts are very expensive, and sometimes require long lead times to ship. Used vertical carousels are much less expensive, and is still the high quality piece of equipment you expect. ASI's used equipment has been tested, cleaned, and inspected prior to shipment. This ensures that we are providing our customers with high quality used industrial equipment that will provide solutions for their material handling problems. Give us a call today, we have used vertical carousels in stock and our sales team is more than happy to work with you.