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Used Nestable Totes

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Nestable totes are a great addition to any warehouse or distribution center. These totes are made of durable plastic for long-lasting use. The strong durable construction protects contents of containers. They allow you to store the same amount of product as a stackable storage bin but when empty they take up significantly less space. Nestable totes do as the name says they nest inside one another for minimal storage space when empty. Some of the bins American Surplus offers are both a stackable storage bin and a nestable tote which you can pick how they sit but simply spinning the tote around 180°. Not everyone calls them bins or totes, some refer to plastic totes as: used plastic stackable totes, used warehouse totes, used plastic bulk containers, used attached lid totes, used plastic shelf bins, or used stock picking totes.

American Surplus Inc. has been in the business of selling quality used warehouse and storage equipment for over 30 years. ASI is in RI and offer competitive freight rates when shipping nationally. Call us today at (800)876-3736 and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates or request a quote online. Our friendly sales staff will work with you to solve your material handling needs.

Used Nesting Totes
Used Nesting Totes
  • Easily Stack and Nest
  • Transport Bulk Material
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Economical Storage Solution

Available Combo Deals

Nestable totes are made from high density synthetic resins specifically for this type of tote. The nesting tote is resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Totes are easy to clean and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Because of its nestability i.e., (being able to nest inside each other), a considerable number of totes can be stored in a relatively small area when nested.

Nestable totes can be palletized to be moved with a forklift or maneuvered easily via a tote cart. Consider purchasing an inexpensive platform for storing pallets of totes above an area that can be used for other activities. Stacking can be accomplished by purchasing optional lids that will prevent product against dust and dirt.

Features include: Easy to clean, nestable for compact storage, able to withstand wide range of temperatures, optional lid to protect product from dirt and dust, strong and durable. Used nestable totes are an especially good value due to their longer life cycle and priced at over 50% lower that new totes.