Used Corrugated Bins

Corrugated plastic totes are lightweight and durable that provide secure storage of papers and other small items and are less expensive than molded plastic. Corrugated plastic totes are nestable for convenient storage. They are produced from extruded plastic similar in appearance to corrugated paper. Both upper and lower surfaces are supported by fluted ribs. American Surplus has hundreds of used corrugated plastic totes in stock in various sizes for numerous applications.

Used Blue Corrugated Bins (Narrow)
Used Blue Corrugated Bins (Narrow)
  • Durable Corrugated Plastic
  • Pre-Slotted for Dividers
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The corrugated plastic most used is polypropylene because it is light weight, tough and abrasion resistant with excellent chemical resistance and is unaffected by water. They fit easily on shelves or workbenches, and can easily be maneuvered anywhere in your warehouse or facility.

Corrugated plastic totes are an amazing value when purchased used due to their low cost. Make the right choice when searching for low-cost lightweight storage containers. Speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates who will explain the many choices available for your storage needs. Just call (800)876-3736 or request a quote online today!