Used Warehouse Equipment

Used warehouse equipment includes dome mirrors, floor scrubbers, ladders, heaters, fans, and more. Anything that you would typically find in a material handling facility, ASI has in stock. In the unlikely event that we do not have what you are looking for in used, we can help you find the most competitive rate for purchasing new. Give American Surplus a call today!

Used Air Compressor
  • Run tools & equipment
  • Electric & gas powered
  • Used air tools with compressor
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Used Anti Fatigue Mat
  • Make employees comfortable
  • Mats absorb shock and sound
  • Fewer slip and fall injuries
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Used Casters
  • Easy to move product
  • Omnidirectional movement
  • Withstand constant usage
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Used Column Protectors
  • Even impact absorption
  • Securely grips the column
  • Bright and easy to install
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Used Counting Scale
  • Accurately weigh and count
  • Large LED display
  • Battery operated
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Used Dome Mirrors
  • Increase visibility at corners
  • Mount on ceiling or wall
  • Affordable security
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Used Drum Handling Equipment
  • Simple & easy operation
  • Low maintenance designs
  • Steel construction
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Used Floor Scrubbers
  • Compact for small areas
  • Vacuums debris and water
  • Easy to operate
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Used Folding Security Gates
  • Provides instant security
  • Open grid design for airflow
  • Mount on either side of the door
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Used Guard Rail
  • Protect people and property
  • Avert forklift damage to facility
  • Unlimited configurations
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Used Industrial Heaters
  • Throw heat over long distances
  • Totally enclosed motors
  • Natural gas or infrared
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Used Rolling Ladders
  • Easy to move
  • Foot pedal activated lockstep
  • Sturdy handrails
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Used Spill Containment Pallet
  • Easy to handle with forklift
  • Maximum leak protection
  • Easy to clean
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Used Wire Security Cages
  • Maintenance free
  • Components make design easy
  • Control access to property
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