Used Modular Drawer Shelving

Modular drawer shelving units provide inventory control and help to save valuable floor space. The shelves provide storage for organizing small parts, accessories, and materials. Used modular steel drawers come in various sizes and have dividers to keep parts separate for easy control of inventory. Drawers provide 60% more space compared to plastic bins. This type of used shelving allows you to see a large number of parts at once, making the order picking process more efficient. Inventory is enclosed in drawers, limiting any dust buildup. Used modular drawer shelving is available in many heights. Some of the manufacturers American Surplus Inc. carries include Stanley Vidmar, Rousseau, and Lyons. Design and installation of used industrial shelving, by trained professionals, is available nationwide.

Used Aurora Modular Drawer Shelving
Used Aurora Modular Drawer Shelving
  • 5-8 Drawers
  • Plus Additional Shelving
  • 18" deep x 60"-120" tall

Available Combo Deals

Modular drawer shelving is ideal for storage of small parts and accessories. Typically constructed from all welded steel, modular shelves are extremely durable and can hold hundreds of pounds per drawer, depending on the model. This makes for a great stationary workstation to store your tools and other materials.

Many heights, widths, and depths are available depending on your needs. There are also shelf dividers available to further organize each of the drawers. Used modular drawer shelving can be configured in many ways, including stacked on top of one another depending on the model.

Each of the drawers glide on ball bearings, which allows for a higher weight capacity than traditional drawers which run on tracks. Modular drawer shelving keeps dust and debris away from your tools and other small stored items and can come with a lock for additional security of your belongings.

Why buy used modular drawer shelving? This style of shelving is very expensive at over $1,000 for just one unit. ASI sells used at just around half the price of new, and our used modular drawer shelving is in excellent working condition. Modular drawer shelving is very durable, and our used inventory has very little noticeable wear on them. Give us a call today; an experienced member of our sales staff will help you figure out which type of shelving is right for you.