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Used Triple Door Lockers


Used Triple Door Lockers for Sale

  • Easy accommodation for all storage needs in a facility.
  • Safe storage for employee valuables and personal items, along with equipment.
  • Lockers are inspected for any damage or wear prior to shipment to ensure the best quality.
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Used Triple Door Lockers
Used Triple Door Lockers
  • Designed for Years of Use
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Keep Personal Items Safe & Secure

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About Triple Door Lockers

Triple tier storage lockers are small storage compartments that maximize storage space and will keep personal belongings safe. Usually, these types of lockers are designed with the user in mind, to store clothing, jackets, uniforms, or bags. However, they can also be used to store tools, extra material, and much more. Our used triple door lockers are useful in public areas such as schools, breakrooms, locker rooms, offices, warehouse facilities or anywhere secure storage is required. Storage lockers do not occupy too much space and offer a sense of organization as it gives a place to store items, so they aren’t scattered everywhere.

When buying used from American Surplus Inc., you can expect to save hundreds of dollars compared to the price of new box lockers. All of our used lockers are inspected by our trained staff for quality before shipment to ensure that you get the best used product for your money. Our lockers even come fully assembled to save you valuable installation time. Contact a member of our sales team to see how American Surplus Inc. can help with your personal storage needs, (800) 876-3736.

Advantages of Triple Door Lockers

Three-tier lockers, also known as triple-tier lockers, offer many benefits in various settings. Some of the advantages of three-tier lockers:

  • Space Efficiency: Three-tier lockers maximize vertical space utilization, allowing you to store more items in a smaller footprint. By stacking lockers vertically, you can optimize the available space, making them ideal for areas with limited room such as schools, gyms, offices, or employee break rooms.
  • Economical: Due to their vertical design, three-tier lockers offer a cost-effective solution for storing personal belongings or equipment. With multiple compartments stacked on top of each other, you can provide storage options for more individuals without needing as many individual lockers.
  • Order and Availability: Three-tier lockers often come with separate compartments on each tier, enabling users to organize their belongings effectively. This division helps prevent clutter and allows for easier retrieval of items. Each person can have their own designated space within the locker, promoting a sense of ownership and order.
  • Security: Lockers are primarily used for secure storage, and three-tier lockers provide a reasonable level of security for personal belongings. Each compartment can be individually locked, ensuring that each user's items are kept safe and separate from others.
  • Versatility: Three-tier lockers can be utilized in various settings, such as schools, workplaces, fitness centers, or public areas. They can accommodate a wide range of items, including bags, clothing, equipment, personal items, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for different applications and ensures they can meet diverse storage needs.
  • Esthetics: Many three-tier lockers are designed with aesthetics in mind, offering attractive finishes and color options to match the surrounding environment. This can contribute to a more visually appealing and cohesive space.

Triple Door Lockers Applications

Triple Door Lockers have a wide range of applications in various settings. Some general applications for three-tier lockers:

  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Three-tier lockers are widely used in schools to provide storage space for students. They are often located in hallways or common areas, allowing students to store their backpacks, books, and personal belongings securely during the day. The vertical design maximizes space utilization in crowded school environments.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Fitness facilities often incorporate three-tier lockers in their changing rooms or locker rooms. These lockers are suitable for storing gym bags, workout clothes, towels, and personal items. The stacked compartments help accommodate a larger number of users, ensuring that members have storage options while optimizing space usage.
  • Offices and Workplace Environments: Three-tier lockers can be useful in office settings, especially for employees who need secure storage for personal items, bags, or extra clothing. They can be placed in employee break rooms, common areas, or near workstations to provide convenient storage solutions. These lockers help keep the workspace organized and promote a sense of personal security.
  • Recreation and Sports Facilities: Sports clubs, stadiums, and recreational centers often utilize three-tier lockers for athletes, coaches, or visitors to store their gear, equipment, or personal belongings. The compact design allows for efficient storage without occupying excessive floor space.
  • Public Areas and Transportation Hubs: Three-tier lockers can be found in public areas like train stations, airports, or bus terminals, where temporary storage options are needed. Travelers can securely store their luggage, backpacks, or personal items while waiting or exploring the area, providing them with peace of mind and convenience.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities: In industrial or manufacturing settings, three-tier lockers can be utilized by employees to store their work gear, uniforms, and personal items. These lockers help maintain organization, prevent theft, and provide a designated space for workers to secure their belongings during their shifts.
  • Recreational Clubs and Organizations: Social clubs, recreational organizations, or community centers often employ three-tier lockers to offer storage options for members. These lockers can be used to store sports equipment, uniforms, supplies, or personal items associated with club activities.

Triple Door Lockers Manufacturers

  • Penco Products
  • Lyon LLC
  • Hallowell
  • Salsbury Industries
  • Republic Storage Systems
  • Art Metal Products
  • Scranton Products
  • Tennsco
  • Edsal Manufacturing
  • Spacesaver Corporation

Triple Door Lockers are Also Known As

  • Triple-tier lockers
  • Stacked lockers
  • Vertical lockers
  • Multi-tier lockers
  • High-density lockers
  • Compact lockers
  • Tiered lockers
  • Three-column lockers
  • Tall lockers
  • Space-saving lockers

Triple Door Lockers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a three-door locker?
A:A three-tier locker is a storage unit consisting of three stacked compartments or tiers, typically designed vertically. Each tier provides an individual storage space with its own door, allowing multiple users to store their belongings in a compact manner.

Q: Where are three-tier lockers commonly used?
A: Triple Door Lockers is commonly used in schools, gyms, offices, employee break rooms, recreational facilities, and public areas where secure storage is needed in a space-efficient manner.

Q: How are three-tier lockers secured?
A:Three-tier lockers are typically secured with individual locks. Each compartment or tier has its own lock mechanism, allowing users to secure their belongings separately.

Q: Are three-tier lockers suitable for personal storage?
A:Yes, three-tier lockers are commonly used for personal storage. Each tier provides a separate compartment, allowing users to store their personal belongings securely.

Q: Are three-tier lockers easy to assemble?
A: Three-tier lockers typically require assembly upon delivery. The level of difficulty can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model. Some lockers may require professional assembly, while others can be assembled by following the provided instructions.

Q: Can three-tier lockers be locked together as a single unit?
A: Some three-tier lockers are designed to be lockable as a single unit. This allows the entire locker structure to be secured with a master key or lock. However, it's important to check the specific product details or consult with the manufacturer to determine if this option is available for the chosen locker model.