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Used Single Door Lockers


Used Single Door Lockers for Sale

  • Gives employees a safe, durable, and secure location to store personal belongings.
  • All-metal design and fully inspected by ASI to ensure quality before shipment.
  • Large storage capacity, good for locking up uniforms, coats, clothing, books, purses, and other valuables.
  • Ideal for areas with heavy traffic where belongings are stored.
  • Unlike a standard box locker, single door lockers offer more versatility.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used single door lockers: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Single Door Lockers - 18" x 12" x 72"
Single Door Lockers - 18" x 12" x 72"
  • Keep Personal Items Safe
  • Pad-Lockable Doors
  • Ships Nationwide

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About Single Door Lockers

Single door lockers are a popular storage solution that offers secure and organized compartments for personal belongings. These lockers consist of individual compartments, each equipped with a door and usually a locking mechanism to ensure the safety and privacy of the items stored within. Whether used in schools, workplaces, gyms, or other public spaces, single door lockers provide convenience and peace of mind to users.

These lockers are typically made from sturdy materials like metal, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to everyday wear and tear. The doors are designed to be robust, featuring hinges that allow smooth opening and closing motions. The security aspect of single door lockers is a crucial feature. By providing a designated space for individuals to store their personal belongings, these lockers help prevent theft and unauthorized access. Users can lock their compartments and have peace of mind knowing that their valuables are safe while they focus on their activities, whether it's studying, working, exercising, or engaging in other pursuits.

Moreover, single door lockers promote organization. By assigning individual compartments to users, these lockers help maintain order and eliminate clutter. It becomes easier to locate and retrieve belongings when they are stored in designated spaces rather than being mixed with other items.

Single door lockers are not only practical but also contribute to a neat and aesthetically pleasing environment. They can be installed in a row, forming a uniform appearance that enhances the overall presence of a facility.

Various sizes are available from American Surplus Inc., with or without louvered slots for ventilation, and all can accommodate padlocks for increased security. Out of all the styles of used locker that we have to offer, full door lockers have the most storage space for your employees’ belongings. Our lockers come fully assembled to save you valuable installation time and buying used will save you hundreds of dollars compared to the price of new. Contact a member of our sales team to see how American Surplus Inc. can help with your personal storage needs, (800) 876-3736.

Advantages of Single Door Lockers

Single door lockers provide many benefits, making them a popular choice for storage solutions in various settings. Here are some key advantages of single door lockers:

  • Protection: Single door lockers provide a secure storage space for personal belongings. With individual compartments and locking mechanisms, users can safeguard their items and prevent unauthorized access. This is particularly important in public spaces such as schools, workplaces, or gyms, where the risk of theft or tampering may exist.
  • Privacy: Having a dedicated compartment in a single door locker ensures privacy for users. They can store their personal items without the worry of others viewing or accessing them. This is particularly valuable for individuals who need to store confidential documents, valuable possessions, or personal items that require discretion.
  • Organization: Single door lockers contribute to maintaining an organized environment. By providing individual compartments, they eliminate clutter and allow users to store their items in designated spaces. This makes it easier to find and retrieve belongings when needed, saving time, and reducing frustration.
  • Adaptability: Single door lockers come in various sizes to accommodate different storage needs. Whether it's small lockers for storing personal items or larger lockers for bulky belongings, users have the flexibility to choose a size that suits their requirements. This versatility ensures that the lockers can be effectively used in a wide range of settings.
  • Stability: Single door lockers are typically constructed from sturdy materials such as metal or durable plastic. These materials offer strength and durability, ensuring that the lockers can withstand daily use and resist wear and tear. This longevity makes them a cost-effective storage solution in the long run.
  • Customization: Many single door lockers can be customized to match the surrounding environment or reflect a specific aesthetic. They are available in various colors and finishes, allowing users to choose options that complement the overall decor or brand identity of a facility.
  • Ease of Use: Single door lockers are designed to be user-friendly. The doors open and close smoothly, and the locking mechanisms are easy to operate. This simplicity ensures that users can access their lockers effortlessly and without complications.
  • Space Optimization: Single door lockers are designed to maximize space utilization. They can be arranged in rows or stacked vertically, making efficient use of available floor or wall space. This is particularly beneficial in areas where space is limited, as it allows for optimal storage capacity.

Single Door Lockers Applications

Single door lockers have a wide range of applications across various industries and settings. Here are some common uses for single door lockers:

  • Educational Institutions: Single door lockers are widely used in schools, colleges, and universities. Students can store their books, backpacks, sports equipment, and personal belongings securely during the day. This helps in maintaining a clutter-free environment in classrooms and common areas.
  • Workplace: Many workplaces, including offices, factories, and warehouses, utilize single door lockers for employees. These lockers provide a safe place for employees to store their personal items, such as bags, laptops, files, and valuables, ensuring security and privacy while they are at work.
  • Fitness Centers and Gyms: Single door lockers are essential in fitness centers and gyms to provide storage space for users' belongings. Individuals can store their gym bags, change of clothes, water bottles, and personal items while they exercise, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.
  • Sports Facilities: Single door lockers find extensive use in sports facilities, such as stadiums, arenas, and sports complexes. Athletes and participants can securely store their gear, uniforms, equipment, and personal items before and after games or practice sessions.
  • Recreation Centers: Single door lockers are commonly found in recreation centers, community centers, and swimming pools. Visitors can store their belongings, such as towels, clothes, and personal items, while they enjoy recreational activities, swimming, or using the facility's amenities.
  • Hospitality and Hotels: Hotels often provide single door lockers in guest rooms or dedicated storage areas for guests to store their luggage and personal belongings securely during their stay. This enhances the convenience and comfort of guests.
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs: Single door lockers can be found in airports and transportation hubs, offering temporary storage solutions for passengers. Travelers can store their luggage, backpacks, or personal items while they explore the city during layovers or when they need to temporarily store their belongings.
  • Event Venues: Single door lockers are utilized in event venues and conference centers to provide storage options for attendees. Participants can store their bags, coats, and personal items during conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, or other large-scale events.
  • Theme Parks and Water Parks: Single door lockers are installed in theme parks and water parks to offer visitors a secure place to store their belongings while they enjoy the rides, attractions, and water activities.

Single Door Lockers Manufacturers

  • Penco Products, Inc.
  • Hallowell
  • Lyon LLC
  • List Industries, Inc.
  • Republic Storage Systems
  • Tennsco Corporation
  • Edsal Manufacturing Company
  • Global Industrial
  • Scranton Products
  • Salsbury Industries
  • Ideal Products
  • GearGrid LLC
  • Art Metal Products, Inc.
  • Spacesaver Corporation
  • Hadrian Inc.

Single Door Lockers are Also Known As

  • Storage lockers
  • Personal lockers
  • Individual lockers
  • Secure lockers
  • Wardrobe lockers
  • Metal lockers
  • School lockers
  • Employee lockers
  • Gym lockers
  • Athletic lockers
  • Uniform lockers
  • Sports lockers
  • Club lockers
  • Work lockers
  • Compartment lockers

Single Door Lockers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are single door lockers?
A:Single door lockers are storage units with individual compartments, each equipped with a door and locking mechanism. They provide secure storage space for personal belongings in various settings.

Q: Where are single door lockers commonly used?
A: Single door lockers are commonly used in educational institutions (schools, colleges), workplaces, fitness centers, sports facilities, hospitality settings (hotels), transportation hubs (airports), recreation centers, and event venues. They provide secure storage for personal items in various public and private settings.

Q: How do I choose the right size of single door locker?
A: The right size of single door locker depends on the items you plan to store. Consider the dimensions and capacity needed for your belongings. Smaller lockers are suitable for personal items like bags and mobile phones, while larger lockers can accommodate items like laptops, sports equipment, or clothing.

Q: Are single door lockers easy to assemble and install?
A:Many single door lockers come with straightforward assembly instructions and are designed for easy installation. However, it's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and, if needed, seek professional assistance for proper installation.

Q: Are single door lockers secure?
A: Single door lockers are designed to provide a secure storage solution. The locking mechanisms, robust construction, and individual compartments help prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of stored belongings.

Q: Can single door lockers be used outdoors?
A: Some single door lockers are specifically designed for outdoor use and are made with weather-resistant materials. However, not all lockers are suitable for outdoor environments, so it's essential to check the manufacturer's specifications before choosing a locker for outdoor use.