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Used Double-Tier Lockers


Used Double-Tier Lockers for Sale

  • Double-tier lockers are a good alternative when box lockeris too small for employees.
  • Allow for more individual lockers in the same space as a full door locker system, and are equipped with coat hooks and a shelf for personal items, tools, and other valuables.
  • Can provide peace of mind to employees, and are made of heavy-duty steel frames and doors to provide extra protection.
  • Gives quick access to items in storage.
  • Also suited to act as a storage system in a warehouse setting, protecting and organizing supplies.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used double-tier lockers: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Double Tier Lockers
Used Double Tier Lockers
  • Keep Items Safe
  • For Various Environments
  • Maximize Vertical Space
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About Double-Tier Lockers

The double tier metal lockers with ventilation are designed for use in schools, athletic departments, gym changing rooms, and employee break rooms. Personal metal storage lockers protect personal items and valuables providing employees or patrons a peace of mind. Double tier lockers include two openings per locker providing you twice as many lockers in the same space, while still providing plenty of room to hang and store personal items.

American Surplus Inc. has a variety of half door locker styles available, including standard size and the more compact slimline style. Slimline half door lockers take up even less space than standard half door lockers to fit even more in the same amount of space. All styles feature a durable, corrosion resistant, all-metal design, and have louvered slotting to allow for ventilation. Just add a padlock for increased security!

When buying used from ASI, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars compared to the price of new half door lockers. All of our used lockers are inspected by our trained staff for quality before shipment to ensure that you get the best used product for your money. Our lockers even come fully assembled to save you valuable installation time. Contact a member of our sales team to see how American Surplus Inc. can help with your business’ personal storage needs, (800) 876-3736.

Advantages of Double-Tier Lockers

Double-Tier metal lockers offer a variety of advantages compared to single-tier lockers or other storage options. Here are some of the benefits of double-tier metal lockers:

  • Space efficiency: Double-tier lockers provide an efficient use of space by incorporating two storage compartments within the same vertical footprint. This is especially useful in areas with limited space, such as gyms, schools, workplaces, or public facilities.
  • Increased storage capability: With two compartments stacked vertically, double-tier lockers offer increased storage capacity compared to single-tier lockers. This allows for the storage of more items while still occupying a relatively small floor area.
  • Cost-savings: Double-tier lockers are generally more cost-effective than single-tier lockers. By maximizing the use of vertical space, you can store more items without needing to invest in additional lockers or expanding the storage area.
  • Enhanced security: Metal lockers provide a high level of security for stored belongings. Double-tier lockers often feature individual locks or combination locks for each compartment, ensuring that each user's belongings remain secure and separate from others.
  • Organization and personalization: Double-tier lockers enable users to organize their belongings efficiently. The separation into two compartments allows for easy categorization and differentiation between items. Additionally, individuals can personalize their storage space by customizing their locker's interior with hooks, shelves, or partitions.
  • Durability and longevity: Metal lockers are known for their durability and longevity. They can withstand heavy use, resist dents, scratches, and corrosion, making them suitable for high-traffic environments. Double-tier lockers, constructed from robust materials like steel, offer lasting performance and require minimal maintenance.
  • Aesthetics and customization: Double-tier metal lockers often come in a variety of colors, finishes, and designs. This allows you to choose lockers that match the surrounding decor or reflect the organization's branding. Customization options, such as numbering or labeling, can also aid in easy identification and management.
  • Adaptability: Double-tier metal lockers can be used in various settings, including schools, workplaces, fitness centers, sports facilities, and more. They provide versatile storage solutions for personal belongings, uniforms, equipment, bags, and other items that require secure storage.

Double-Tier Lockers Applications

Double-tier lockers find applications in various settings where efficient storage solutions are needed. Some common applications include:

  • Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities often utilize double-tier lockers to provide storage space for students. They can be used in hallways, dormitories, or changing rooms to store personal belongings, books, backpacks, and sports equipment.
  • Fitness centers and gyms: Double-tier lockers are commonly found in fitness facilities to offer secure storage for members. Users can store their gym bags, workout clothes, towels, and personal items while they exercise. These lockers are often designed to accommodate hanging clothes and provide ventilation.
  • Employee locker rooms: Many workplaces provide locker rooms for employees to store their personal items, uniforms, and work-related equipment. Double-tier lockers are ideal for maximizing space in these areas, allowing employees to securely store their belongings during their shifts.
  • Sports facilities: Double-tier lockers are commonly used in sports facilities, such as stadiums, arenas, and sports clubs. Athletes and coaches can store their equipment, uniforms, and personal items in these lockers during practices, games, or events.
  • Public facilities: Double-tier lockers can be installed in public facilities like libraries, museums, amusement parks, or recreation centers. Visitors can use them to securely store their bags, coats, or personal belongings while enjoying the facilities or attending events.
  • Transportation hubs: Airports, bus stations, and train stations often provide storage options for travelers. Double-tier lockers can be used to store luggage, backpacks, and other personal items temporarily, allowing travelers to move freely without the burden of carrying their belongings.
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities: Double-tier lockers can be utilized in industrial settings to provide employees with storage space for their personal items, safety gear, tools, and work-related equipment. They help maintain a clean and organized work environment.
  • Recreation centers and swimming pools: Double-tier lockers are commonly found in recreational facilities where visitors engage in activities like swimming, sports, or fitness classes. These lockers provide a secure space to store personal belongings and wet items like towels or swimsuits.

Double-Tier Lockers Manufacturers

  • List Industries (Republic Storage Systems, Lyon LLC)
  • Penco Products, Inc.
  • Hallowell
  • Salsbury Industries
  • Locker Group
  • Scranton Products
  • Ideal Products
  • DeBourgh Manufacturing
  • Art Metal Products
  • Hadrian Manufacturing Inc.

Double-Tier Lockers are Also Known As

  • Two-tier lockers
  • Dual-tier lockers
  • Stacked lockers
  • Split-level lockers
  • Multi-level lockers
  • Two-compartment lockers
  • Vertical split lockers
  • Tiered lockers
  • Upper and lower lockers
  • Duplex lockers
  • Half door lockers

Double-Tier Lockers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a double-tier locker?
A:A double-tier locker is a type of storage locker that features two stacked compartments within the same vertical space. It provides storage capacity for two users in a single locker unit.

Q: What are the dimensions of a double-tier locker?
A: The dimensions of double-tier lockers can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model. However, they are generally designed to fit within a standard height and width range. Typical dimensions for a double-tier locker might be around 72 inches (183 cm) in height, 12-15 inches (30-38 cm) in width, and 12-18 inches (30-46 cm) in depth for each compartment.

Q: Are double-tier lockers more space-efficient than single-tier lockers?
A:Yes, double-tier lockers are more space-efficient than single-tier lockers. By stacking two compartments vertically, they allow for the storage of more items while occupying a smaller floor area.

Q: Can double-tier lockers be secured?
A:Yes, double-tier lockers can be secured. They often come with individual locks for each compartment, allowing users to secure their belongings separately. Common lock options include key locks, combination locks, or padlocks.

Q: Are double-tier lockers easy to assemble?
A: Double-tier lockers are typically designed for easy assembly. Manufacturers often provide instructions and necessary hardware for straightforward installation. However, the assembly process may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

Q: Where are double-tier lockers commonly used?
A: Double-tier lockers find applications in various settings such as educational institutions, gyms, workplaces, sports facilities, and public areas where secure storage is required.