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Used Folding Security Gates


Used Folding Security Gates for Sale

  • Also known as accordion gates, these are a popular solution for securing industrial and commercial properties while still allowing airflow and light.
  • Ideal for securing loading docks,, hallways, and entryways.
  • Designed to provide an extra layer of protection against theft and other types of crimes that can occur in a warehouse.
  • Made of high quality materials such as steel or aluminum, making them resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and other types of damage.
  • Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • All equipment is inspected by ASI prior to shipment.
  • ASI pays top dollar for used folding security gates: Learn More About Our Purchasing Program
Used Folding Security Gates - Left & Right
Used Folding Security Gates - Left & Right
  • Left & Right Pairs
  • 79" High
  • 130" Overall Width
Used Folding Security Gates - Left Hinged
Used Folding Security Gates - Left Hinged
  • Left Hinged
  • 79" Overall Height
  • 65" Wide Expanded

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About Folding Security Gates

Used folding security gates have high versatility. They can be installed on loading docks, entrances, exits, and other types of openings in a warehouse or storage facility. They come in different sizes and configurations to fit any type of opening, and they can be customized to match the specific needs of the facility they are protecting.

Warehouse folding security gates are also an effective deterrent against intruders. They create a physical barrier that makes it difficult for burglars and vandals to gain entry into a warehouse or storage facility. This can deter them from attempting to break in, and it can also give warehouse owners and managers peace of mind knowing that their property and inventory is well-protected.

When it comes to installation, warehouse folding security gates are relatively easy to install. They can be installed by a professional or a skilled DIYer. Most manufacturers provide installation instructions and support to ensure that the installation process is as smooth and easy as possible.

In terms of upkeep, warehouse folding security gates are also low-maintenance. They require minimal upkeep and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. They do not require painting or other types of treatments, which makes them a cost-effective solution over the long term.

In addition to their security benefits, warehouse folding security gates can also help improve the efficiency and productivity of a warehouse or storage facility. They can be used to control access to certain areas of the facility, which can help prevent unauthorized access and theft. They can also be used to create secure storage areas for valuable or sensitive inventory, which can help prevent loss or damage.

In conclusion, warehouse folding security gates are a reliable and effective solution for securing industrial and commercial properties. They offer a range of benefits, including durability, versatility, ease of use, effectiveness as a deterrent, ease of installation and maintenance, and environmental friendliness. Whether you are looking to protect your warehouse, your storage facility, or your inventory, warehouse folding security gates are a smart and cost-effective choice that will help keep your property and assets safe and secure.

Used folding security gates from American Surplus have dozens of uses for your warehouse of material handing facility. Folding gates are mounted to either the left or right side of an entryway, hallway, aisles of pallet racking, etc. and have a wheel on the alternate side to allow for easy opening and closing. These are an ideal solution for diverting traffic from locations around your warehouse that need to be temporarily closed for maintenance, safety, or security. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used folding security gates, as well as our complete selection of used safety products.

Advantages of Folding Security Gates

Folding security gates offer different advantages in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Here are some of the basic benefits of folding security gates:

  • Heightened security: Folding security gates provide an additional layer of security to protect your property. They act as a physical barrier that can deter unauthorized access, break-ins, and vandalism. The sturdy construction and locking mechanisms of folding gates make them difficult to breach, providing peace of mind.
  • Adaptability: Folding security gates are versatile and can be installed in different locations, such as doors, windows, storefronts, and loading docks. They can be customized to fit various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Space-saving design: One of the significant advantages of folding gates is their space-saving design. These gates can be easily folded and stacked to the side when not in use, allowing you to maximize the available space. This is particularly beneficial in areas where space is limited or where you need to maintain an open environment during business hours.
  • Visibility and airflow: Folding gates often feature a design with perforations or diamond-shaped patterns, allowing visibility and airflow. This means that even when the gates are closed, you can still see through them and maintain airflow, which is advantageous in applications where ventilation and visibility are important.
  • Easy operation: Folding security gates are typically designed for ease of use. They can be opened and closed smoothly, either manually or with the help of motorized systems. Motorized folding gates provide added convenience, allowing for remote or automatic operation.
  • Deterrence and access control: Folding gates act as a visual deterrent, signaling to potential intruders that your property is secured. They also provide effective access control by allowing you to control and monitor the entry and exit points. By restricting access to authorized personnel, you can better manage security and ensure the safety of your property and occupants.
  • Cost-effective solution: Compared to other security options like solid gates or roller shutters, folding security gates often offer a cost-effective solution. They provide a good balance between security, functionality, and affordability, making them a popular choice for many businesses and homeowners.

Folding Security Gates Applications

Folding security gates find applications in various settings where security and access control are crucial. Here are some common applications for folding security gates:

  • Commercial establishments: Folding security gates are commonly used in commercial properties such as retail stores, shopping malls, banks, and office buildings. They help secure storefronts, entrance doors, and windows, preventing unauthorized access after business hours while still allowing visibility and ventilation during working hours.
  • Industrial facilities: Industrial environments, including warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, often utilize folding security gates to secure loading docks, storage areas, and restricted zones. These gates provide an added layer of security to protect valuable assets, equipment, and inventory from theft and vandalism.
  • Educational institutions: Folding security gates are employed in schools, colleges, and universities to enhance campus security. They are commonly used to secure entrances, hallways, and high-value areas like computer labs or storage rooms. Folding gates in educational institutions also help regulate access and ensure the safety of students, staff, and facilities.
  • Parking garages: Folding security gates are installed in parking garages to control access and prevent unauthorized entry. They are often used at entry and exit points, allowing authorized vehicles to pass while restricting access to others. Folding gates in parking garages can enhance security, reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, and provide better control over the parking facility.
  • Residential properties: Homeowners use folding security gates to secure their residences, particularly for doors and windows. These gates offer protection against break-ins, burglaries, and provide a visual deterrent to potential intruders. They are available in various designs and sizes to suit different architectural styles and preferences.
  • Public facilities: Folding security gates are found in public facilities like museums, libraries, government buildings, and healthcare facilities. They help safeguard valuable artifacts, books, and equipment, ensuring their protection and preventing unauthorized access during non-operational hours.
  • Outdoor spaces: Folding security gates are not limited to indoor applications. They can also be used to secure outdoor areas such as parks, construction sites, and recreational facilities. These gates help control access to specific zones, restrict entry during off-hours, and prevent trespassing or unauthorized activities.

Folding Security Gates Cabinets Manufacturers

  • Tymetal Corp.
  • Xpanda Security Products
  • Illinois Engineered Products
  • Folding Guard
  • Rolland Safe & Lock Company
  • AMICO Security
  • Dynamic Closures
  • McKEON Door Company
  • American Security Gates
  • Rite-Hite Security Enclosures
  • Overhead Door Corporation
  • QMI Security Solutions
  • CornellCookson
  • TNR Doors

Other Names for Folding Security Gates

  • Expandable security gates
  • Retractable security gates
  • Collapsible security gates
  • Sliding security gates
  • Concertina gates
  • Folding grille gates
  • Folding scissor gates
  • Folding metal gates
  • Folding steel gates
  • Folding mesh gates
  • Folding trellis gates
  • Folding barrier gates
  • Folding window gates
  • Folding storefront gates
  • Folding door gates

Folding Security Gates Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are folding security gates?
A: Folding security gates are physical barriers made of metal or other sturdy materials that can be folded or retracted when not in use and expanded to provide security and access control. They are commonly used to secure doors, windows, storefronts, and other openings.

Q: How do folding security gates work?
A: Folding security gates typically consist of a series of vertical bars or panels connected by horizontal bars. They can be extended or retracted along a track system, allowing them to fold and stack neatly when not in use. They are often equipped with locking mechanisms to secure the gates in the extended position.

Q: Can folding security gates be customized to fit different openings?
A: Yes, folding security gates can often be customized to fit different sizes and configurations of openings. Manufacturers typically offer a range of standard sizes, and some may provide custom fabrication options to ensure a proper fit for specific requirements.

Q: Are folding security gates easy to operate?
A: Yes, folding security gates are designed for ease of use. They can be opened and closed manually or equipped with motorized systems for remote or automatic operation, providing convenience and flexibility in managing access.

Q: Are folding security gates durable and long-lasting?
A: High-quality folding security gates are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are constructed from robust materials such as steel or aluminum and undergo rigorous testing to withstand various weather conditions and potential impact.

Q: Are folding security gates suitable for both commercial and residential use?
A: Yes, folding security gates are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. They are used in various settings such as storefronts, warehouses, parking garages, schools, and homes to provide security, access control, and peace of mind.

Q: Are folding security gates easy to install?
A: Folding security gates are typically designed for relatively easy installation. Some manufacturers provide installation instructions and guidelines, and professional installation services may also be available for complex or larger-scale projects.

Q: Can folding security gates be integrated with other security systems?
A: Yes, folding security gates can be integrated with other security systems such as access control systems, alarms, and surveillance cameras. This allows for a comprehensive security solution and centralized management of security measures.