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Used Heat Tunnels

used heat tunnel

Used Heat Shrink Tunnels, also known as heat tunnels, blow hot air evenly around a package to shrink the plastic, making it ready for shipment. The shrink wrap is loosely applied prior to going through the shrink tunnel. This type of packaging is ideal for the manufacturing industry. American Surplus Inc. carries used heat shrink tunnels in a variety of styles, and they are compatible with either PVC or polyolefin plastic film. Used heat tunnels are ideal for high volume industrial shrink wrap needs.

Used Heat Shrink Tunnels
Used Heat Shrink Tunnels
  • Utilize hot air to shrink plastic
  • PVC or Polyolefin plastic film
  • Ships Nationwide

Available Combo Deals

A heat tunnel or shrink tunnel is simply a heated tunnel mounted over a conveyor system. Shrink film is loosely applied to the packages, and when the package goes through the tunnel, heat is applied. The heat shrinks the film snugly around the wrapped object.

Heat tunnels have many uses like making shrink labels, combing small items into units for sale or display (like bottled water), making products tamper resistant or tamper evident, etc. It can also be used for securing large items for transport. For many food products, like meats, cheese, and fish, this is the primary protective barrier.

There are various types of shrink tunnels that are mainly different because of the heating element used. Some heat shrink tunnels use infrared heat, and other common heating elements used are steam and gas. Most heat tunnels are built directly into a conveyor system or are utilized with a conveyor, but they are also available without.

Need help finding the right heat shrink tunnel for you packaging needs? American Surplus has the expertise to find you a quality used shrink tunnel for a fraction of the cost of new. Our experienced sales staff will work with you to determine your exact needs, and find the right product that fits your budget. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used heat shrink tunnels, as well as our full inventory of used packaging equipment