Used Industrial Paper Shredder

Used Industrial Paper Shredders solve real problems. If you are looking for a way to reduce waste size, help make recycling easier or need security for important files than an industrial paper shredder is what you need. Industrial paper shredders come in many sizes and four distinct styles to help your business with any of the issues above.

Used Ameri-Shred Corp Paper Shredder
Used Ameri-Shred Corp Paper Shredder
  • 20 HP
  • 20" Wide Infeed
  • 3 Phase 460V

Available Combo Deals

The four styles of paper shredders that are produced are. High-Capacity Shredders- are the tool you need if you want to destroy large quantities of paper in a short time. High- Efficiency Shredders- are ideal for the size reduction of paper, cardboard plastic, foil, film, fiberglass, and more. High-Security Shredders- Meet the U.S. Department of Defense's requirements for destruction of classified Through Top Secret COMSEC documents. These shredders offer higher levels of security for the military and government agencies. Small Office and Department Shredders- Perfect for small office or department environments.