Used Dome Mirrors

Used dome mirrors help achieve maximum visibility in warehouses and production areas, while allowing significant savings over purchasing new product. Used safety mirrors are available in half or full-dome sizes. Our used convex safety mirrors are made for indoor use, making them perfect for warehouses where lift trucks are constantly moving in and out of aisles. ASI has many varieties of used dome mirrors in stock, including wide-angle convex safety mirrors. All used dome mirrors are inspected for damage and cleaned before packaging.

Used 180 Degree Dome Mirrors
Used 180 Degree Dome Mirrors
  • 180 Degree/ Half-Dome
  • 26" diameter
  • Improve warehouse safety
Used 360 Degree Dome Mirrors
Used 360 Degree Dome Mirrors
  • 24" to 38" Diameters
  • Full Dome
  • Increase visbility and safety

Available Combo Deals

Used dome mirrors provide visibility for vehicles and pedestrian traffic exiting and entering a warehouse or office area. Safety mirrors such as dome mirrors provide a wider view from all angles allowing service vehicles to move quickly through busy building intersections.

Used mirrors are available in the following sizes and types: Indoor convex, 360o full-dome, 180o half-dome, 90o-quarter-dome mirrors. Used indoor convex mirrors are positioned to prevent intersection accidents in an industrial application by reflecting worker activity in a hidden area.

Used full dome mirrors provide a much wider view from all angles and of the warehouse area in its entirety for both safety, security and productivity. One inch of mirror diameter equals one foot of viewing distance. Sizes available from 18” up to 48”.

Used 180o half-dome 3 way mirrors eliminate blind spots and prevent collisions at corners, intersections and aisles. Used 90o quarter-dome 2 way mirrors mount in a corner providing views at “L” sections.

Used indoor safety doom and convex mirrors have a long life cycle that adds to their value along with being priced at over 50% off a new mirror. Call (800-876-3536) and speak with one of our warehouse technicians about your needs.