Used Industrial Hampers

While typically used for laundry applications, industrial hampers can also be used for various warehouse applications. You can use these hampers, available in either cotton canvas or heavy-duty vinyl, for industrial laundering, as well as for storing and transporting papers, cardboard, and other light warehouse materials.  Industrial hampers are resistant to tears, punctures, abrasions, contaminants, most mildew growth, and are waterproof as well. Their steel framework is mounted on either a steel frame or a solid wood base with casters to be easily moved anywhere you need them, and they are narrow enough to fit down any aisle of shelving or pallet racking. Used industrial hampers from ASI are in good condition, and quantity discounts are available.

Used Industrial Vinyl Hampers
Used Industrial Vinyl Hampers
  • 30" x 21" x 18"
  • 6 Bushel
  • Ships Nationwide

Available Combo Deals

Used industrial hampers are stocked with canvas or vinyl liners. Hampers have a steel framework mounted on a strong hardwood base with swivel casters able to handle heavy loads easily. Quality used hampers are sold as-is but we are confident you will be satisfied. Also replacement liners are available at equally low prices. Get the best deal. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more about our current inventory of used industrial hampers, as well as our full selection of used industrial containers