Used Hoppers

Tilt Hopper

American Surplus Inc. has a wide selection of used hoppers to serve various functions in your warehouse or material handling facility. Our selection of tilt hoppers are used to collect, transport, and sort materials. Hoppers are ideal for transporting hot, heavy, sharp, or corrosive loads anywhere in your facility. ASI has used hoppers in various styles and in dozens of capacities depending on your needs. While hoppers are most often witnessed for trash collection and transportation, they serve a variety of functions and can be used to transport just about anything. They will remove the need for warehouse workers to place strain on their bodies with lifting heavy objects. This will be effective in decreasing the amount of workplace injuries. Ergonomically-designed these hoppers can easily maneuver throughout a facility. We carry self-dumping hoppers, steel hoppers, and tilt trucks. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn which style is best suited for your application.

Used Tilt Trucks
  • Transport Bulk Material
  • Durable Plastic
  • Genuine Rubbermaid
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Used Self Dumping Hoppers
  • Handles All Load Types
  • Forklift Compatible
  • Welded Steel Construction
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Self-dumping hoppers are a safe and easy way to handle bulky loads. The hopper is made from molded polyethylene, and sits on an all welded steel frame. Our used self-dumping hoppers have a capacity of 1.5 cubic yards. A hopper is a lightweight unit, making it easy to dump. ASI’s used self-dumping hoppers dump at a 45 degree angle using a pull handle.

Steel hoppers are made for dumping waste and bulky material quickly and efficiently. A used steel hopper sits on a hinged base. Fill a hopper, then pick up with a forklift to deposit the material into a container. ASI has used steel hoppers that are fully welded with leak proof seams. Large size casters and dumping knees allow two stage dumping action. Positive locking prevents accidental dumping of the hopper.

Utility tilt hoppers are counterbalanced for smooth controlled dumping of debris and other materials. Our used tilt hoppers have an angled front designed for easy dumping. Made from sturdy thick polyethylene plastic, tilt hoppers will not dent, corrode, or absorb moisture. Wheels and axles are inset to prevent damage to the hopper and your facility. ASI’s used utility tilt hoppers are made by Rubbermaid, and come in various sizes of standard and heavy duty.

Used hoppers are available made from steel or high density plastic that will satisfy your application requirements. The following types and styles should be considered: Plastic hopper tilt truck, Plastic self-dumping hopper, Steel self-dumping hopper, and Portable steel hopper with manual release.

Plastic hopper tilt trucks easily allow one person to handle miscellaneous waste and refuse removal. These tough polyethylene hopper trucks have a limited weight capacity depending on the size required. Hoppers are balanced for tilting and emptying with minimum effort. A good choice and inexpensive.

Plastic self-dumping polyethylene hoppers have a pull type safety latch that controls the release of the tilting and dumping process. The metal frame allows the hopper to tilt a full 40 degrees below horizontal for dumping all the contents. Hopper then returns to upright position ready for next load. Hopper can be moved with a forklift or manually moved with large casters. Another good choice but somewhat more expensive.



Steel self-dumping hoppers have higher capacities able to handle heavier scrap metal, wood, bricks, and sand. Hoppers can be fitted with casters or stationary only allowing hopper movement by forklift. Steel hoppers feature positive locking latch, safety chain securing hopper to forklift, can stack 3 high, welded seams, and a top lip for rigidity. They are actually somewhat less expensive than the plastic hoppers as well. There are other variations with special features that provide added efficiency and function. Call and speak with one of our warehouse technicians who will discuss your needs. Call (800) 876-3736 today!