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Used Skate Wheel Conveyors

Skate wheel conveyor systems are lightweight and economical. Skate wheel conveyors are perfect for transporting medium to lightweight packages. This conveyor has a steel design for maximum durability that uses gravity to move materials without utilizing motors. The design is ideal for cartons, totes, and other packages with a flat, smooth bottom surface. Used skate wheel conveyors help to reduce the time spent physically transporting materials, while also decreasing worker injuries by lessening physical labor. These types of conveyors are great for creating packaging lines as well as improving receiving and shipping processes. Unlike other conveyors the skate wheel design is easy to set-up and tear-down making them portable and highly versatile. Ideally this conveyor is the perfect solution for shipping/distribution departments, assembly lines, and stocking areas. Its ability to turn independently allows for the option of adding curves to the conveyor system. ASI offers used skate wheel conveyors that require minimal pitch to keep products moving.

Used 12" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
Used 12" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
  • 12"W x 120"L Sections
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Ships Nationwide
  • Photo Representation Only
Used 18" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
Used 18" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
  • 18"W x 120"L Sections
  • Steel Skate Wheels
  • Over 3,000 LF Available
  • Photo Representation Only
Used 24" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
Used 24" Skate Wheel Conveyor Sections
  • 24"W x 120"L Sections
  • Steel, Nylon, or Plastic Wheel
  • In Stock, Call Today!
  • Photo Representation Only

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About Skate Wheel Conveyor

Used skate wheel conveyor manufacturers include Buschman, Mathews, Rapistan, and Speedway. American Surplus stocks these brands along with Hytrol, Ermanco, ACSI and Interlake. Design and installation of used skate wheel conveyor, by trained professionals, is available nationwide.

Used skate wheel conveyor is a very simple and cost effective way to transport product without using additional power. When compared to gravity roller conveyors, skate wheel conveyors require less pitch to convey the product, which means it can go farther distances with less of an elevation change. The skate wheels provide more contact points with the product, meaning less energy is needed to turn the wheels. This also means that the product will maintain orientation when maneuvering curves.

The wheels on skate wheel conveyors are available in 75 to 100 lb. capacities in zinc, aluminum, and plastic. Because of the density of the skate wheels, much heavier loads can be placed on the conveyor. The skate wheels are raised above the conveyor frame, allowing for products to be wider than the frame itself. It is recommended that you do not exceed the conveyor’s frame width by more than 25%. The frame must be able to support both the skate wheels and the load itself, and are typically available in 5-10 foot support centers. Additional supports would be required for anything exceeding the frame's support center capacity.

There are a few limitations to skate wheel conveyors. Products need to have a flat bottom to be transported on a skate wheel conveyor. This is because of the gaps between the skate wheels, which cause the product to either fall through or lose orientation and fall off the conveyor. In these situations, a gravity roller conveyor would be more appropriate.

Why buy used skate wheel conveyor? We inspect, test, and clean all used conveyor prior to shipment. In addition, we have an extremely large inventory of high-quality used skate wheel conveyor stock. We also provide a 30 day ASI guarantee on all used skate wheel conveyor system parts if they are not working properly.

Skate Wheel Conveyor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a skate wheel conveyor?
A: A skate wheel conveyor is a type of gravity conveyor system that utilizes small skate wheels mounted on axles to transport goods. It relies on the force of gravity to move items along a downward slope.

Q: How does a skate wheel conveyor work?
A: Skate wheel conveyors work by placing items on the conveyor surface, where the freely rotating skate wheels facilitate the movement of the items along the conveyor's length. As items are added to one end of the conveyor, their weight propels them forward due to the downward incline of the conveyor.

Q: What are the benefits of using skate wheel conveyors?
A: Skate wheel conveyors are cost-effective, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for moving lightweight and small to medium-sized items. Their modular design allows for flexible configurations and layouts.

Q: What types of items can be transported on a skate wheel conveyor?
A: Skate wheel conveyors are suitable for transporting a wide range of items, such as cartons, packages, totes, bins, and smaller products. They are commonly used in industries like distribution centers, manufacturing, and shipping.

Q: Are skate wheel conveyors portable?
A: Yes, many skate wheel conveyors are designed to be portable and easy to move. Some models have collapsible legs or caster wheels, allowing you to quickly relocate or reconfigure the conveyor as needed.

Q: What is the maintenance required for skate wheel conveyors?
A: Skate wheel conveyors require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the skate wheels and the conveyor surface is recommended to prevent debris buildup and ensure smooth operation.