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Used Gravity Conveyor Curves

Gravity curve conveyors are a cost-effective solution to easily handling curves and corners within a facility. Unlike power curve conveyors, gravity curved roller conveyors use downward slopes or a manual push to move products. This type of roller conveyor can increase the speed, safety, and efficiency within a warehouse or distribution center. Gravity roller curve conveyors have a durable design, which makes them reliable. This conveyor allows materials to be moved effortlessly to other departments for inspection, package handling, warehousing, or assembly. These types of conveyors are ideal for transporting medium sized loads that have firm flat bottoms such as boxes, totes, skids, cartons, and drums. Gravity curve conveyors are easy to install and require little maintenance. Use gravity conveyors for order fulfillment, order picking, pick modules, shipping/receiving, assembly, and work in process stations.

Used Gravity Roller Conveyor Curves
Used Gravity Roller Conveyor Curves
  • 30, 45, 60, 90, 180 degree
  • 12" to 48" wide curves
  • All New Hardware
Used Skate Wheel Conveyor Curves
Used Skate Wheel Conveyor Curves
  • Power and gravity conveyor
  • 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 degree
  • 12" to 48" wide curves

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About Gravity Conveyor Curves

Gravity curve conveyors are ideal for industries such as packaging, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution, and e-commerce. Gravity conveyor curves are designed to move and interact with other conveyor components transporting various types of material from one direction and/or level to another within a distribution center or warehouse as a means of reducing travel time. These conveyor curves will carry product with minimum amount of pitch based on size and weight. Gravity conveyor curves will save you money while transporting product to the desired location inexpensively without redesigning the entire conveyor system.

The complexity when updating or replacing used curves requires dealing with a number of conveyor types, sizes, and drives. Many used dealers do not have the experience or inventory to handle filling an order of used conveyor curves. American Surplus Inc. has been involved in providing its customers with all types of gravity and power conveyor curves and other such components for over 30-years.

Our services include planning, sale of all types of conveyor, and installation nationwide. Customers are encouraged to visit our headquarters, warehouse storage, and shops to both inspect and see units in operation. All conveyor sales are covered by both a lowest price and 30 day guarantee. You will be satisfied.

Gravity Conveyor Curves Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a gravity conveyor curve?
A: A gravity conveyor curve is a section of a conveyor system that allows items to smoothly change direction around a curved path, relying on gravity to move items along the curve without requiring external power.

Q: Why use gravity conveyor curves?
A: Gravity conveyor curves are used to efficiently transport items around corners or curves in a conveyor layout. They save space, eliminate the need for motorized drives, and are ideal for maintaining a consistent flow of materials in a production or distribution environment.

Q: What are the benefits of using gravity conveyor curves?
A: Gravity conveyor curves offer several advantages, including reduced operating costs (no motorized drives), improved layout flexibility, minimal maintenance, and a simple, reliable design.

Q: What types of items can be transported on gravity conveyor curves?
A: Gravity conveyor curves are suitable for transporting a wide range of items, including boxes, cartons, totes, and bins. The weight and size of the items will influence the suitability of the curve's design.

Q: Are there different types of gravity conveyor curves?
A: Yes, there are various types of gravity conveyor curves available, including roller conveyor curves and skate wheel conveyor curves. Roller conveyor curves use rollers to guide and move items, while skate wheel conveyor curves use small skate wheels mounted on axles.

Q: Can gravity conveyor curves be integrated with other conveyor systems?
A: Yes, gravity conveyor curves can be seamlessly integrated with straight sections of gravity conveyors, as well as other types of conveyors such as belt conveyors, to create a comprehensive material handling solution.