Used Platform Truck

Used platform trucks are made of rugged steel construction, which is ideal for transporting bulky items. Platform trucks move on rubber casters that allow the truck to turn on its own radius for added maneuverability. ASI has used platform trucks that come available with wood, aluminum, or steel decks. Platform trucks ship pre-assembled and are available in a variety of dimensions and specifications.

Used Platform Truck
Used Platform Truck
  • Rubber Casters
  • Wood, aluminum, or steel
  • Rugged Construction

Available Combo Deals

Used platform trucks are a universal truck for manually moving a large variety of material and inventory to an in-process or storage areas. The basic platform truck design involves a deck with a handle attached on one side with 4-6 8” casters. Typical capacities average 2000 lbs. ranging up to 2500 lbs.

Common used platform trucks include one or more of these features: flat bed, aluminum deck, steel deck, nesting, narrow aisle deck, hardwood deck, plastic decking, decking with rails for panel/sheets and various types and sizes of casters.

Somewhat difficult to pick the right truck(s) for your application. Call and speak with one of our warehouse technicians to review your needs with our inventory of carts and trucks. There are many options for manually moving material. Call (800-876-3738) today. Properly maintained used platform trucks have a long life cycle and provides added value when purchased at up to 50% off the price of new. You will be satisfied.