Used Order Picker

Used order pickers help companies use vertical space to their advantage. When racking goes high storage costs go down. Order picker forklifts have a platform allowing the operator to be raised with the picker. Order picker forklifts can carry large bulky items in tight spaces and have room for picking products in addition to the operator's stand. ASI offers you a wide range of used order pickers to make sure we can get you to where you need to be.

Used Order Pickers
Used Order Pickers
  • Work in 52" aisles
  • Rail or wire guided ability
  • Cleaned & Painted

Available Combo Deals

Used order picker forklifts utilize a platform that raises with the forks for the operator to stand on. The platform raises the operator into the air so they are able to pick or stock with better accuracy. The platform also doubles over as a picking/stocking platform while being utilized as the operator’s driving cab.

Confidently carry heavy products across long distances with a used order picker forklift. ASI has used order picker forklifts in a variety of styles from different manufacturers including Raymond and Crown. Each used forklift is inspected prior to shipment.

The forks are integrated with the platform, and there are safety features that prevent the operator from moving the order picker while picking products. Often this is a dead man’s switch, which cuts the power if the operator hasn’t activated it. There are also safety harnesses that keep the operator safe while working on the platform.

American Surplus is constantly buying every variety of used forklift and forklift batteries that are in good resalable condition. We have a full time forklift technician that goes through each machine individually, and replaces any worn or damaged components. The used forklift will leave our shop looking brand new with a fresh paint job and new decals. Give us a call today, our sales staff would be more than happy to find the right order picker or forklift for your application. We will provide solutions to your material handling problems or concerns, guaranteed.