Used Electric Forklifts

Used electric lift trucks are available in two styles; three wheel and four wheel. Electric forklifts have a tight turning radius making it an ideal forklift for small aisles. Both run by electric motor leaving warehouses emission free, exhaust free and noise free. Made for indoor use, these cushion tire forklifts are quiet and less expensive to run than IC forklifts. Fewer moving parts and no engine means less maintenance and less cost.

Used Electric Forklift
Used Electric Forklift
  • 3 or 4 Wheel
  • Quiet Operation
  • Indoor Use

Available Combo Deals

The three-wheel electric forklift has a single drive wheel located in the rear center of the forklift. The front wheel drives the forklift while the rear wheel steers and turns the lift. The smaller frame and chassis provides a quick turning radius.

A four wheel electric forklift can travel longer distances than a three wheel forklift. It can turn tight corners and travel in small spaces. Four wheel electric forklifts have four wheels and provide larger lift capacities than the three wheel truck.

If you don't see the used forklift you are looking for, call us. ASI is part of a national network of new and used forklift dealers. We can find the right truck for your application.

The following are some helpful Tips to Consider When buying a Used Forklift. Forklifts are a vital piece of equipment used for the movement of inventory in manufacturing and warehouse settings. Used forklifts are available with dozens of options and accessories that are required to perform various material handling functions. This guide will help you determine what style is right for your specific application. The main aspects to consider are: the maximum size and weight of the heaviest load and average load, the height the product needs to be lifted, whether it’s for outside or inside use and the aisle dimensions.

Used forklifts are categorized based off of several factors, with weight capacity being one of the most important. Small capacity three wheel forklifts can hold up to 1,500 lbs., while heavy duty four wheeler can hold up to 30,000 lbs. It is recommended that you choose a forklift capacity that exceeds your maximum load weight. This will ensure you are never stuck in a situation where the load is compromising the lift.

Another factor to consider when deciding on a used forklift is how high the product needs to be lifted. The lift height needs to be the height of the top of the deck you are looking to store the pallet on plus an additional 6 inches. The extra 6 inches is to ensure you can lift product off of the shelving or racking. The width between each of your aisles must also be considered when choosing a used forklift. A standard used forklift will require a width of approximately 12 feet or more. For aisles that are narrower, a narrow aisle forklift is required, which can maneuver through widths of only 8 feet. There are also very narrow aisle lifts for aisles that are as little as 6 feet.