Used Ridg-U-Rak Cantilever Rack

Used Ridg-U-Rak Cantilever Rack

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  • Ideal for pipe storage rack
  • Adjustable, bolted shelf beams to accommodate your dynamic storage requirements
  • Modular design makes future expansion easy
NMFC Code164340

Ridg-U-Rack Cantilever Rack

This particular style of cantilever rack is constructed from roll formed steel beams. Vertically Adjustable Arms are securely bolted to each column (also known as a tree), and can be angled to securely store products such as pipes or carpets. Their vertical adjustability allows for accommodation of a wide variety of load heights. Horizontal bases help to stabilize the structure and add additional support for the bottom load.

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Component Size Quantity
Ridg-U-Rack Cantilever Trees 12" x 4" x 192" 39
Ridg-U-Rack Cantilever Doublesided Bases 48" x 12" (Overall Width 108") 39
Ridg-U-Rack Cantilever Arms 48" x 5" 312

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