Burtman Cantilever Rack
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Used Burtman Cantilever Rack

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  • A lightweight cantilever rack solution for lighter loads
  • Single or double sided configurations available
Cantilever Base Sizes36" Base
Cantilever Upright Sizes165" x 6"
NMFC Code164340

Why Choose Burtman Cantilever Rack?

Burtman cantilever rack is a lightweight option for storing longer, lighter items such as bar stock, pipe, or tubing, and is usable in applications where uninterrupted decking is required. This uninterrupted design makes it perfect for situations where the uprights in a traditional selective rack system may get in the way, such as when storing lumber, pipe, or bar stock. The roll form construction make it easy to move and install, while continuing to provide a reliable storage system.

At American Surplus, we've been designing cantilever rack systems for over 25 years; providing quality, affordable solutions to our customers big and small nationwide. Our Burtman cantilever rack systems are built entirely from used material manufactured by Burtman that has been thoroughly refurbished by our production team. Our process ensures that your cantilever rack system stands the test of time while costing up to 60% less than a comparable new system.

In addition to savings, American Surplus offers unbeatable service when you Request a Quote. From concept to completion, our experienced sales team, CAD Specialist, and production crew have the skills to help design the perfect cantilever system for your application, to learn more and start designing your cantilever rack system, Request a fast, free quote online or call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 today!

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