used meco cantilever rack
used meco cantilever rackUsed Meco Cantilever RackUsed Meco Cantilever RackUsed Meco Cantilever Rack

Used Meco Cantilever Rack

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  • In Stock, See Below for Available Sizes
  • Available as Single or Double Sided
  • Tabs on Arms to Help Hold Product on each Level
Capacity5,600 lbs per side
Cantilever Arm Sizes18" Long x 1.5" - 3"
Cantilever Base Sizes23" x 5"
Cantilever Brace Set Sizes24" to 48" Wide
Cantilever Upright Sizes96" x 6" x 3"
NMFC Code164340

Meco Cantilever Rack: Preferred Storage for Oblong Loads

Meco's style of cantilever rack is preferred by many businesses for storage of long, lighter items such as bar stock, pipe, or tubing, and in applications where uninterrupted decking is required. Customization and versatility is a central feature of a Meco Cantilever Rack system; the uprights are punched on both sides, allowing for single or double sided configurations depending on your needs. Arms are easily adjustable on 3" centers, providing infinite versatility within your configuration. Plus, our wide variety of Cantilever Rack Accessories fit directly onto your Meco cantilever rack system, ensuring you can have all the equipment you'll need to store any type of product.

At American Surplus, we've been designing cantilever rack systems for over 25 years providing quality, affordable solutions to our customers nationwide. Our in-house CAD Specialist works with our sales team to provide a conceptual CAD layout to match your quote. We have a wide variety of cantilever rack materials available in terms of both capacities and sizes. No matter the material you're trying to store, be it lumber, pipe, furniture, or otherwise, our dedicated team has the solution for you and your business. Call our sales team at (800) 876-3736 or Request a quote online to get a fast, free quote and see the difference American Surplus can make for you, your business, and your wallet!

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Sample bay of Meco cantilever rack

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