New Dock Board

New Dock Boards are made for bridging the gap between your loading dock and a trailer. Dock boards are made with additional structural support to handle more weight and equipment. They are ideal for transporting heavy loads that require a forklift to move in and out of the trailer. Talk with our sales team to find out which size dock board is right for you. Note: When determining size needed, the width of the dock board should be 16 inches wider than the load. New dock boards have the following features: Various sizes & capacities available, Safety stop feature to help secure dock board, Suitable for forklift use, beveled edges for easy travel and safety curbs on both sides.

New Dock Boards
New Dock Boards
  • 60" or 72" wide
  • Built for forklift use
  • 48" to 72" long

Available Combo Deals