Used Pallet Rack Floor Guide

The most important thing in any warehouse or material handling facility is keeping your employees safe and American Surplus has everything you need to protect your pallet racking from getting damaged and potentially causing catastrophic accidents. In addition to safety features like used row spacers and column protectors, ASI also has used pallet rack floor guide rails to prevent impacts from forklifts and other lift equipment. Guide rails function like bumpers, preventing lift equipment from accidentally straying from aisles and bumping into pallet racking. This reduces the chances of columns and frames getting bent or compromised, which saves you money in replacement costs, and increases safety to your inventory and your employees.

Used Pallet Rack Floor Guide
Used Pallet Rack Floor Guide
  • Reduce pallet rack damage
  • Increase loading efficiency
  • Guide forklifts through aisles

Available Combo Deals

Used pallet rack floor guide rails are easy to install, reduce potential pallet rack damage, and save money. Pallet rack floor guide rails are anchored to the concrete floor in front of a pallet rack, and are used to guide machines down aisles on the guide rail. ASI’s pallet rack floor guide rails can be used with any material handling equipment designed with mounted guide rollers on each side. They are also perfect for warehouses that often use forklifts. Guide rails control the forklift movement in pallet rack locations, increasing load efficiency and reducing potential damage to pallet rack frames.

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