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Used Pallet Rack Back Guard

Pallet Rack Back Guards, also known as Pallet Rack Safety Guards, attach directly to pallet rack frames to help stop product spillage, damage, and unsafe rack aisles. Pallet rack guard helps prevent items from falling off racking and into warehouse aisle. Welded wire mesh is bonded to a steel angle frame which encloses the rack while still delivering inventory visibility. This open wire mesh attaches to the rack while giving pickers and workers full inventory visibility making materials easier to find.

Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Guards have many advantages over nylon pallet rack netting. If you think you are saving money on nylon rack netting you may want to think again. Once you add the expense of hardware and pullies required for nylon netting the savings are gone. Rack Guard are simpler to install, quicker to disassemble, and are flexible enough to be reconfigured.

Used Pallet Rack Back Guard
Used Pallet Rack Back Guard
  • Frames are Strong & Durable
  • Improve Safety in Rack Aisles
  • Prevent Product Spillage & Damage

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About Pallet Rack Back Guard

Pallet Rack Guard helps prevent accidents that could lead to product damage or employee injury. Rack back attaches to pallet racks and helps avoid boxes and pallets from falling onto your employees’ heads. It’s become wildly popular due to ever growing regulatory agency requirements on safeguarding aisles in workplaces, warehouses, distribution centers, and big box retail stores. The liability is too big to not purchase these affordable wire pallet rack back guard panels. These safety guards help to keep the pallet rack inventory safe and secure. This helps to stop theft, control inventory access, and safely store materials. Before your business incurs the expenses of damaged inventory or employee injuries, invest in these high-quality, affordable steel pallet rack guards.

Pallet rack back guards are crucial components in ensuring the safety and integrity of warehouse storage systems. These protective accessories, often made of durable materials like steel or wire mesh, are installed at the rear of pallet racks to create a solid barrier that prevents stored items from falling or being pushed off the back of the rack. Pallet rack back guards serve as an effective defense against potential accidents caused by misplaced items or forklift impacts, reducing the risk of damage to goods, injuries to workers, and operational disruptions. By creating a secure boundary and minimizing the potential for items to fall, back guards contribute to a safer and more organized warehouse environment.

The versatility of pallet rack back guards is notable, as they can be adapted to various rack configurations and heights, offering an extra layer of protection for stored items. Additionally, they can complement other safety measures within the warehouse, such as aisle guards, end-of-aisle protectors, and beam connectors, to create a comprehensive safety network. These guards also play a role in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards related to rack safety. Overall, pallet rack back guards underscore the commitment to both employee well-being and inventory protection, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of the warehouse while mitigating potential hazards.

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Pallet Rack Back Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are pallet rack back guards?
A: Pallet rack back guards are protective accessories installed at the rear of pallet racks to prevent items from falling or being pushed off the back, enhancing safety and preventing damage.

Q: Why are pallet rack back guards important?
A: Back guards prevent accidents, damage, and potential injuries by creating a barrier that keeps items securely within the rack, reducing the risk of falling.

Q: How do pallet rack back guards work?
A: Back guards act as a solid barrier, blocking items from sliding off the back of the rack and ensuring items remain within the designated storage area.

Q: What materials are used for pallet rack back guards?
A: Common materials include steel and wire mesh, chosen for their durability and ability to withstand impacts.

Q: When are pallet rack back guards necessary?
A: Back guards are recommended when there's a risk of items falling off the back of the rack, especially in areas with forklift traffic or high stacking.

Q: Are there weight limitations for items stored with pallet rack back guards?
A: While back guards themselves don't impose weight limits, the overall rack capacity remains the key consideration.