Used Trash Conveyors

trash conveyor

Used trash conveyors are a cost-effective way to transport garbage and other light to moderate-sized waste through a building to a disposal area. Trash conveyor is designed with guard rails on both sides of the conveyor prevent any materials from falling out, making it ideal for inclined and declined sections. This type of conveyor system will help to create more space, cut operational cost, and increase efficiency. Furthermore, trash conveyors will increase safety by decreasing fall hazards, as waste material can often lead to accidents at the workplace. Often trash conveyors are used in manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, distribution, and beverage just to name a few.

Used trash conveyor manufacturers include Buschman, Mathews, Rapistan, and Speedway. American Surplus stocks these brands along with Hytrol, Ermanco, ACSI, and Interlake. Design and installation of used belt over roller conveyor, by trained professionals, is available nationwide.

Used Trash Conveyors
Used Trash Conveyors
  • 12" - 48" Wide
  • Cost Effective
  • Rough Top or Cleated

Available Combo Deals

Trash conveyors are mainly used for transporting light to medium weight trash, paper, empty boxes, etc. to a disposal area. It is almost identical to slider bed conveyors, except that it has guard rails to prevent debris from falling off of the conveyor line and an underbelly pan. Because of it’s slider bed design, debris can be transported on an incline or decline, and it has less moving parts than roller conveyor so it operates quietly.

Return rollers provide tension to the conveyor belt to keep it taught at all times. Because it is slider bed, only light to medium sized loads are recommended for a trash conveyor. Slider bed also reduces the amount of noise the machine makes when in use. This is because there are very few moving parts in this style of conveyor. Trash conveyors help keep your material handling facility neat and organized, while also efficiently removing the materials from your warehouse. Save time and reduce manual labor with the utilization of a trash conveyor.

Why buy a used trash conveyor as opposed to a new one? This is a common question, especially with specialty type conveyor like trash conveyor. All of our styles of conveyor is cleaned, inspected, and tested, and if something does not work properly, we replace it. We also provide you with a 30 day ASI guarantee on all conveyor parts to ensure that you get a fully working unit. We only buy and sell good quality used equipment, so feel good about saving money while buying used equipment from ASI.