Used Conveyor Systems

American Surplus specializes in designing and installing used conveyor systems. Systems can include belt conveyor, power conveyor, and gravity conveyor. Conveyors can move vertically, horizontally, on an incline, on a decline, and around corners. Designing used conveyor systems requires a visit to the customer's facility where we talk to the owners and staff. We measure, take pictures, and re-measure to guarantee that we can install the best conveyor system for your specific needs.

Used Conveyor Systems
Used Conveyor Systems
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When designing conveyor systems, we look at the products being conveyed, to where the products need to be conveyed, and the weight of the products. We ask the tough questions, i.e. productivity goals, efficiency improvements needed, budget, etc. After analyzing the facility, we get to work on CAD drawings using AutoCAD to make sure the used conveyor system works within the space allocated. We provide a cost estimation and time frame.

American Surplus maintains a complete conveyor shop. Used conveyor systems are assembled and tested prior to shipment. Installation is done by trained professionals at a convenient time for both parties. A project manager is assigned to each project to work with the customer, conveyor system builders, and installers from start to finish.

Industries that utilize conveyor systems include automotive, agriculture, computer and electronic, food, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical, bottling and canning, and packaging. Because of all of the different types of products to be conveyed, it important to know exactly what the conveyor will be used for ahead of time. Many of these types of conveyors are custom designed for that specific purpose only, which helps to maximize efficiency.

Used conveyor systems can provide the following benefits: Safe transportation of materials from one level to another or around curves, installation is possible in almost any facility, additional safety when compared to utilizing lift equipment.

Proper care of your conveyor system will ensure it lasts as long as possible at optimal performance. The steps to take are choosing the right conveyor type for your product, choosing the right system design for the product being conveyed, and keeping up with regular maintenance procedures. This will ensure that you increase the longevity of your conveyor system.