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Pawtucket Racking Facility Liquidation

Authored by Derek Rotondi
December 20, 2018

Check our most recent and last liquidation of the year. This liquidation features a large amount of pallet racking beams and uprights. We now have more than 800 Beams and more than 800 Wire Decks. All of these items are Interlake and are in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures. We don't want you to miss out on these great end of the year savings before they are gone.

This is being broken down currently and should be in our facility during the first week of January at the latest. So hurry up to take advantage of these great savings now while they are still available. This is coming from a local facility here in RI.

Don't wait; call our office at (800) 876-3736

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Product Quantity Dimensions / Notes
Used Interlake Beams
Interlake 36E Beams 416 96" x 3.5" w/ 1.5" Step
Interlake Beams 398 96" x 4" w/ 1.5" Step
Interlake USP15625 Beams 30 108" x 5.5" w/ 1.5" Step
Used Wire Decking
Wire Decks 826 42" x 46", 3 Strut
Wire Decks 18 42" x 49", 4 Strut