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Used Overhead Conveyor Systems

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Overhead Conveyor Systems add distinctive advantages to your conveyor system layout and can provide multiple functions. This conveyor type provides space efficiency by using the free space above to move items and materials. Unlike other conveyor systems, overhead conveyor systems rest directly above the facility workers heads to give them plenty of room to work without worrying about moving conveyor pieces.

Used PACLINE Overhead Conveyor
Used PACLINE Overhead Conveyor
  • Maximize Vertical Space
  • Reduce Travel Time
  • Accommodates Many Items
  • Long-Lasting Durability

Available Combo Deals

Overhead conveyor system can offer manufacturing and assembly operations many competitive advantages and a broad range of benefits over traditional conveyor systems. This conveyor layout helps to improve inventory management, faster order fulfillment, and increased output. Overhead conveyor systems help to enhance the safety and efficiency of an array of different industries.

These conveyors will help facilities to make sure they are utilizing space efficiently while conveying items transferring loads of all sizes, shapes, and weights. Because an overhead conveyor system conveys materials and products wherever they’re needed with no human assistance, it lets workers focus on their jobs without disturbance. This ensures improved productivity throughout the facility.

Cost-effective yet highly efficient, overhead conveyor systems allow a facility to make it easier to successfully operate, better protect employees, and maximize its overall warehouse space. Get in-touch with a member from the American Surplus Inc. sales team for help in purchasing your overhead conveyor today!